Mandelbulber is a cross — platform freeware program for creating images of three-dimensional fractals.

The program Mandelbulber is an editor for creating (generating) the volume of fractals. Opportunities for program very much, it allows you to create images of fractals of various degrees of complexity.

The results of the work program of the imagination. Fractals turn out incredibly beautiful and fascinating (all the images below of fractals created in Mandelbulber).


Some of the features of the software Mandelbulber:

  • Rendering of trigonometric, Hypercomplex, Mandelbox, IFS (Iterated Functions System) and other three-dimensional fractals.
  • Setting up materials to generate objects.
  • The render setting, shadows, light, depth of field, and transparency.
  • Setting textures.
  • Unlimited image resolution on 64-bit systems.
  • Create video and animations.
  • Export of 3D objects.
  • Support alternate rendering (render queue).
  • Support for rendering using OpenCL.
  • Support for distributed rendering (network rendering).


The main window has many elements. In the center is a window rendering. Around it available to different functional and dashboards.

An inexperienced person to understand the program is almost impossible, therefore, to complete the work you need to read the documentation. Also available video lessons.

The program interface is implemented in Qt. The program is written in C++.

To install Mandelbulber in Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install mandelbulber2
The program website (free download):Mandelbulber 3D
The program is cross-platform and works in:

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Screenshots of the program

  • Mandelbulber 3D (version: 2.18-dev)

  • A screenshot taken from the official website.

  • Mandelbulber 3D in Ubuntu Linux (version: 2.13-2)


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