TOP 10 best games for Linux, released in 2016

Before play on Linux had very rarely, but after Steam came to Linux, Linux gaming community cheered up, so now games were developed directly for Linux, and to run them don’t need to use third-party apps like Wine or PlayOnLinux.

Steam is available on Linux over 1500 games, but you don’t have to view them as I did for you a list of the best games in 2016. Check it out!

Best games for Linux, released in 2016

Before you go to the games, let’s get one thing straight. When I say that the game was released in 2016, I mean it came out this year on Linux. Some of the following games could leave early, but on other platforms.

Second, the games discussed in the article, may require the Board, so prepare your wallets.

But enough already! Let’s look at them.

1. Life is Strange

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment and was originally released on 30 January 2015. By July 2015 Life Is Strange was sold a million copies. Great story based on your decisions, developing a special way, aided by the amazing abilities of the heroine – she can Control time! The entire series consists of five stunning episodes. The fifth season was released 20 Oct 2015.

On Linux, Life is Strange has become available in July 2016. The good news is that the first episode of this game completely free. What are you waiting for? Fast for the game!

Life is Strange on Steam


This is an awesome game, made with Unity, which starts with an unusual view of reality. The game is interesting because it moves along with you! If you’re standing, it’s real; if you go, it goes with you.

Not only can you get a good Arsenal of guns, but also throw objects at enemies. The plot should pass many levels of different difficulty. Even after beating the game you can arrange a test. For this, you can try to go to the special task level.

SUPERHOT appeared on the project game jam 7 Day First Person Shooter (7DFPS). It’s made by a group of friends in August 2013. SUPERHOT quickly became popular immediately after the release, the network prototype. The game received a huge endorsement from such gaming sites like RPS, PCGamer, GiantBomb, etc.

Thanks to the incredible support of the fans, SUPERHOT went through the Steam Greenlight process in just one weekend, causing the team has expanded and the prototype turned into a full fledged video game.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched on 14 may 2014 and completed in 23 hours. The developers have received more than 250 000 from the community 11 626 people! Not a bad achievement, is it not?


3. XCOM 2

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the original version of the game was released in 2012; a sequel to XCOM 2 in February 2016. Force XCOM again rise up to revolt against the ruling power of the aliens.

XCOM 2 was developed Firaxis Games and was released by 2K Games. 2012, Game Informer Magazine named Firaxis developers of the year in 2012. That is, you can be confident in the quality of the game.

XCOM 2 was awarded the perfect score 10/10 from Game Central and got 88% from Metacritic. Gamespot gave it 9/10. PC Gamer stopped at 94% and IGN 9.3/10.

XCOM 2 on Steam

4. Near Death

Near Death is a battle for survival in the abandoned Antarctic research base in the complete absence of hope for salvation. The only goal is to find a way home.

Near death is the second game developed and published by Orthogonal Games. Their first creation is called The Novelist.

Orthogonal Games is able to present original, experimental concept in independent games. The Novelist was a special story engine, which created a dynamic story based on the decisions of the player. In Near Death, the tradition does not disappear. The player provides unique tools to deal with detailed weather and intolerable mistakes of the Antarctic region.

Kotaku was impressed by the game and it still got a 9/10 from OpNoobs.

Near Death on Steam

5. Police Infinity

Police Infinity is a first – person shooter in early access, in which you can play on SteamOS/Linux. It is mostly based on competitive and casual versions. Despite the fact that he is still in the alpha phase, the current reviews on Steam are very positive!

For multiplayer first-person shooter, the developers are from Germany better known as 314 Arts. They are not only developers, but also publishers. After Police Infinity Studio is going to continue to focus on creating games. Police Infinity has also been supported by the fans during the process, Steam Greenlight.

From three days after the game hit early access, Steam Boiling, shared his first impressions. At the moment Steam have a Police Infinity 80% from 51 user reviews are positive.

Police Infinity on Steam

6. ARK: Survival Of The Fittest

This is an arena multiplayer game in early access, which appeared on Steam in March 2016. The player will have to survive in the environment full of dinosaurs and dragons!

Originally it was a free standalone game, but eventually it became part of the base game ARK: Survival Evolved, which is also in the phase of early access in 2015.

Game Rant welcomed the decision to make the game paid, stressing that this will benefit the full version, which had been scheduled for late 2016, although the fans were not very happy.

ARK has received awards Curse “Best in show”at PAX Prime 2015 “Best game in early access” on GameStars 2015.

ARK: Survival Of The Fittest in Steam

7. Iron Snout

This is a totally free cool game, which is to play each casualty! The goal of the game in the fight pigs vs wolves!

SnoutUp is the developer and publisher, which was organized Aurimas’ohms, a game developer from Latvia, for whom creating games is a hobby. He deals mainly with applications oriented to mobile devices. He was also involved in a lot of web development, Android, iOS apps. In addition to Iron Snout Aurimas responsible for games such as: Cave Blast, Bunny Goes Boom and Ninja Shurican. He probably loves pigs, because it is about them often.

At the moment the game got on Steam from 7344 reviews 98% positive!

Iron Snout on Steam

8. Tadpole Treble

Tadpole Treble, developed BitFinity Games, is a musical adventure. It also sponsored on Kickstarter.

You play as Baton (Baton), a newborn tadpole without legs, but with huge determination. It begins with the fact that the Baton was far away from home as a result of hunting Pelican. Only wish the Baton is to be again next to my mother.

Dark Zero, the quality of the final rating the game received a 9/10.

Tadpole Treble on Steam

9. Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze

Release your inner detective Hank and start to investigate the mysterious theft of the “Golden Chihuahua” from the Museum of ancient history.

Obsessive Science Games is an independent game developer from the Netherlands. They focus on creating games with innovative artistic forms.

Orange Bison noted in his review that the game is sometimes very funny.

Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze on Steam

10.The Tribe

The Tribe is a game that can challenge; tactical game that improves cognitive abilities of the player as the one constantly having to make decisions in the process of endless movement to the South.

Currently The Tribe has a very good feedback on Steam. He received first place at the North Games Jam 2015.

The Tribe on Steam


It was amazing to see how Linux goes more and more great games made specifically for it. The Linux gamers dream come true!

Tell us in the comments about your favorite game on Linux!


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