Berusky II

About the game

Berusky II — three-dimensional puzzle in which you need to reach the exit by moving and interacting with blocks.

The game is a continuation of a two-dimensional game Berusky I, which, in turn, created based on the puzzle game Sokoban.

Rules of the second version is similar to the first part, but the addition of new puzzle elements. Also added a simple story, followed by a series of comics.

In each level you have can be from one to five beetles (ladybugs), between which you can switch and control them. Beetles differ in the color of their wings.

The goal is to bring all the bugs before the release.

Each beetle can interact with objects on the level, move the blocks, press buttons, ride the Elevator, and so on.

The game is not that simple as it might seem at first glance. With each new level the difficulty increases.

There are different types of blocks/objects from which to build levels:

  • Wall. Such blocks cannot be destroyed. They stationary.
  • Sloping blocks, on which the beetles can climb to higher floors.
  • Wooden blocks. They can be moved, dropped from a height.
  • Exploding blocks.
  • Stones. They can not move, but if a stone block is destroyed, then the stone falls. Stones can be destroyed with a hammer.
  • Button to activate teleporter or Elevator. Click either standing on it or putting it on the block.
  • Teleporters. Moving to another point.
  • Different types of elevators.
  • And some others.


The game has nice and simple graphics. The map can rotate and zoom.

The developers creatively approached the creation of the game. Each level is not just a set of blocks, but also a kind of environment. For example, the units may stand on a table, on which lay a pair of scissors, the lamp and other things. The player does not interact with these surrounding objects, but they add to the game atmosphere.

Separately want to note the graphics and additional entourage. It and background images, and comics, and various drawings.

The game is not demanding to resources and will work even on older video cards.


The game is available in the repositories of popular Linux distributions.

To install Berusky 2 in Ubuntu Linux, run the command:

sudo apt install berusky2


There are two versions of the game — pay for Windows and free Linux. Linux version has half of the levels from the original commercial games.

Programming language: C++.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2).

Developer: the development team called Anakreon (Czech Republic).

Language: English.

To install Berusky II on Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install berusky2
Game site (free download):Berusky II
The game is cross-platform and works in:

  • Windows
  • Linux

Screenshots of the game

  • A screenshot taken from the official website.

  • A screenshot taken from the official website.

  • A screenshot taken from the official website.


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