Transcriber-multifunctional C (si) / Tcl / Tk is a graphical application for manual speech transcription, a specialized audio player with a built-in text editor.

Transcription (in linguistics) — a method of written transmission of elements of sounding speech (phonemes, allophones, sounds, etc.), a particular set of written signs (phonetic alphabet). In practice, linguistic transcription has a variety of applications.

Transcriber is a handy tool to help with manual annotation (transcription) long speech recordings, their transcription and marking of speech turns, descriptions of acoustic conditions, and much more…

Transcriber 1.0 was released in May 1998. Initially, the application was developed to annotate broadcast news recordings and create tools used in the development of automatic news transcription systems, but the functionality available now may be useful in other areas of speech research.

The functionality of Transcriber is based on the capabilities of the Snack Sound Toolkit, designed to create powerful audio applications for processing digital speech recordings (recording, playback, correction, etc.). Snack supports most common audio formats and provides primitives for audio visualization(waveforms, spectrograms, etc.).

Transcriber, in addition to processing speech recordings, can be useful when processing “normal” sound recordings (mono or stereo), support “Lexical analyzer isprovided by the tcLex lexer generator (tcl-tclex). The system requirements of the application are small, it can be run from the command line, the mouse and / or keyboard shortcuts are used for control, and there is detailed online documentation.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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