In Don’t Starve will appear multiplayer mode

Developer of computer games Don’t tStarve, the company KleiEntertainment add in their offspring multiplayer mode for 2-4 players. We are talking about the Supplement Don’t tStarveTogether, which brings into play not only the mode for multiple users, but other equally interesting possibilities. This summer will begin alpha testing of the game, at the same time, the price per copy of the product increases from 15 to 20 us dollars.

Don’t tStarve is a game in the adventure genre (action), published in Steamв April of last year for operating systems MacOS, Linux and Windows. In January of this year, a version of the game for PlayStation 4. Don’t tStarveочень liked players – this is confirmed by the fact that sales over a million copies for 2013. At the end of last month released an update Don’t tStarve: ReignofGiants. It should be noted that if you purchased the game previously, the upgrade gets you totally free.

The main game modes are “survival” and “adventure”. In “adventure mode” there is no direct access to game settings. Therefore, I focus more on the description of the first mode. First you need to set the game world and choose a character with unique skills.

Your hero randomly appears in a certain place and meets up with Maxwell, who advises to prepare for bed. Your task – to survive in not very friendly to strangers the world as long as possible. For each day you are given a certain number of points.

In addition, for each player prepared with 2 equally possible scenarios: death, and Maxwell. Death comes when fully reset to zero health. The portal leads to other worlds and levels. The player must first collect 5 parts.

Each user must follow 3 of your options: health, satiety, and sanity. Health is the most important, if it will not, you will lose. Parameter of fullness can be increased by consuming food. “Hungry” character does not die immediately, but reduces the amount of your health. The reason it is not connected with health, however if you decrease this parameter you will begin to overcome the demons of fear, which can cause real health damage.

To install the game on Ubuntu through Steam (instructions for installing steam).

More details about the walkthrough you can see from the accompanying video below.


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