Desura for Linux

Desura is a service for the sale, delivery and updating of games, similar to the popular service Steam. Recently a software client of this service became available for OS based on the Linux kernel.

Unlike Steam here are mostly small games, the games cost about 60 to 600 rubles. At the time of writing, the total number of games available under Linux 65 including such popular games like Oil Rush, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, and Dreamscape.

UPD 2016. In 2015 the company that owned the service went bankrupt and was bought by OnePlay. On the website still hanging message about the upcoming restart, but the exact time is not reported.

Game Desura not DRM-protected, and the client code for Linux is planned to be released under GPL v3.


Go to the site and click on the button Download Desura

In the opened window, click on the button Install Desura for Linux

Opens download dialog box file. When the download finishes, navigate to the folder with the downloaded file desura-i686.tar.gz and razarhivirovat it:


After unpacking, place the folder in the root home directory, navigate to the folder you created and run the executable file desura. The installer will download the required components from the Internet.

When the download finishes, installation starts components in the same directory from which you launched the installer.

In the end, this will launch the registration window.

If you have not yet registered, click on the button create New Account and complete the registration form, which is trivial. You will need to enter and confirm email. After registering, login with the given username and password.


Buy games in Desura

The purchase of the game it is quite simple. You will need an account with Paypal and / or Visa card (for example, a special gaming card) or Mastercard-enabled payment option for Internet purchases. If these conditions are met, click on any game and on the game page and click on the Install button game

In the dialog box, click Add To Cart.

Confirm order click the Checkout button

You are then asked whether you acquire games for yourself or as a gift for another user in the system.

So in the end choose payment method. If you choose payment by card, the system will ask you information on the card and then you will be able to pay and download the game.

Payment game

Desura also has a number of free games, many of which are also present in the Ubuntu repositories.


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