Areal, The Deer God, Timespinner and other Linux games on Kickstarter

On the Kickstarter project and then there are games worthy of the attention of each user of the Linux operating system. In this article we will talk about the “Areal”, the spiritual successor to the famous “Stalker”, the game “The Deer God”, in which everyone can feel like a deer (in the literal sense of the word), and “Timespinner”, telling about a girl who wants to avenge the death of their loved ones.

Areal: spiritual successor to the legendary STALKER

Of course, the most prominent project in this review is “Areal”, developed by West-Games. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. However, in contrast to the “Stalker”, the end of the world it is not the fault of the “peaceful atom”.

On the Earth along with the meteorite flew metamorphic and drastically changed the usual for people, flora and fauna. Of course, people also became influenced by the crystal that gave him super abilities.

The game world in “Areal” is divided into three zones – green, yellow and red. The “green” zone is almost safe for life here works fine all the infrastructure. In the “yellow” areas are full of different evil beasts, anomalous zones here are not permanent, and moving. The most dangerous “red” zone, once here, people turns into a kind of zombie.

Areal is an almost perfect post-apocalyptic shooter: the game has a spacious location, non-linear storyline, a rich assortment of weapons, smart enemies, and a flexible development system for your character.

West-Games has requested “financial assistance” in the amount of $ 50,000, of which at the time of writing, collected 34 thousand. To obtain the game enough to make a contribution in the amount of $ 25.

The Deer God: the deer be not easy, but very simple

According to the standard jargon, the recent human and slightly blunt called “deer.” Thanks to the game from the Studio Crescent Moon Games, everyone can feel like a deer – an animal on the screen. We are talking about “The Deer God”, which tells of a hunter who, after death, reincarnated into a deer.

Despite the apparent hopelessness of the situation, the former hunter still hopes to regain his human form. In the game deer face many dangers: the other males of the deer, hunters, wild cats and birds-predators. To help the deer, developers have identified fire shield, bombs, ice, and telepathy.

The creators of “The Deer God” are planning to “only” 26 thousand dollars. So far, the plan is executed 10 thousand.


Timespinner is a platform game with 16-bit graphics. The main character “Timespinner” is a girl Lunas, life the purpose of which is revenge against the enemies for the death of their loved ones. Lounais – girl is not simple, it can command the time to use the enemies as platforms, or to travel to the past and future. Locations in the “Timespinner” very different medieval castles, cities, and space lab. For project development, developers need $ 50,000 (already collected 46 000), the fee for obtaining the game – $ 15.


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