Killing Floor 2: zombie shooter from Tripwire Interactive

КомпанияTripwire Interactive has announced the release of a new version of “zombie shooter”, Killing Floor 2. The first version of the game, despite all its shortcomings, has become very popular: in 2012, sales KillingFloor exceeded one million copies. It is possible to expand the team to 50 people. However, even such a great team made an unforgivable mistake – in both 2012 and now, the game is based on the outdated engine (respectively UnrealEngine UnrealEngine 2 and 3).

Programmers and designers managed the animation of the characters – especially good to get melee attacks and reloading weapons. Has been thoroughly revised and melee: now zombies can strike from all 4 directions, in addition, strikes can be combined into a combination.

Programmers have written 95 new scenarios, dying zombies. In each case, the implementation of a specific scenario depends on what part of “the walking dead” was hit by a bomb or explosive bullet. Seasoned players “bloody sight” are reminiscent of similar paintings of Red Orchestra 2.

In the second version KillingFloorкаждому the player will be available for pumping 25 levels. Reaching every fifth level, you will have to choose one of the 2 skills that you need. For example, you can make the health bars of the enemy visible, and you can get bonus damage.

The game will have 40 different types of weapons. In addition to the “main” weapons and auxiliary. You have to give credit to the developers for the change of the complexity: with each new level zombies become not only more strong and hardy, and intelligent.

If you look at the screenshots KillingFloor 2, we can assume that the main game will unfold in Paris. Recall that in the first part the player should be to lead the battle with the “walking corpses” in the UK.

To enjoy all the “beauty” of a post-apocalyptic world will be users of the operating systems Windows Linux. The game will appear in Steam on early access. However, when exactly this will happen is currently not known.


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