Ardentryst: fantasy world

The game Ardentryst is on the edge of RPG and classic platforming. The graphics are two-dimensional, while the character is displayed in a arcade scroller on the side. The beginning of the development of the project was given back in 2007. Almost everything in Ardentryst is an intellectual property Jordan Trudgett, however, something was created and third-party developers.

As a language for writing games were selected Python with the Pygame library. The author has studied this programming language, and very successfully applied theoretical knowledge in practice. Seasoned gamers will find in Ardentryst many features similar to those of the project with other games such as Mario, Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, Donkey Kong Country.


The world of Ardentryst is fabulous, fantasy world, active participant of which is the hero of the game. During the game, you need to walk, jump, fight and collect treasures.

Starting the game, you’ll need to choose one of two characters. However, keep in mind that your choices fundamentally determine which direction will go the whole gameplay. As one, and the second character has four characteristics: success, magic, endurance and strength. The program gives you 12 points – you need to distribute them among these characteristics (not necessarily equally).

As you progress through the game your character will gain experience. After accumulating a certain amount of experience, the player moves to the next level. Each level is plus one point to all four characteristics of the character. In addition to strengthening characteristics, the player learns a new attacking techniques.

You can pass the levels sequentially, one after the other. If you wish, you can return one level down.

The fallen hero has a chance of “the second coming”, keeping all previously earned experience. Passing levels, you can occasionally trade.

From gear in the game depends on many things. As in real life, on the road there are shops where you can buy everything you need, from healing potions to magical crossbow.

System requirements

The game Ardentryst has high-quality sound, the user can choose from multiple screen resolutions and set the control keys. The system requirements are very low, so you can play get even on a weak computer.

Installation Ardentryst

The game is present in the standard Ubuntu repositories. To put looking for in the app center on key word ardentryst or execute the command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install ardentryst

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