Eve Online in Ubuntu

Eve Online is a space MMORPG which has passed a long way from obscurity to great popularity. In the early days of this multiplayer role-playing game was only 20 thousand subscribers. Therefore, the project owner, Simon & Schuster Interactive, sold all the rights to the game by Icelandic developer Crowd Control Production (on the Internet this company called simply CCP). As of 2009, the number of fans has exceeded 300 thousand, while in 2010, over 330 thousand people. A ten percent increase in popularity in just a year, can boast to each game project! What is the reason for the popularity of The Second Genesis? Will try to figure this out.

Skills come with time

One of the qualities of Eve Online: The Second Genesis, due to which this game is so like the newcomers – a total equality. What nationality would you have chosen, it will not give you any advantages (well, except a small set of skills which mean little). The special feature of Eve Online is that there are no levels of character, but there are levels of skills (skills). Each skill has five levels, in addition, this game is the difficulty levels. Levels of “swing” in real time, it does not matter whether you are at the moment in the game, or drinking tea, watching TV, playing with friends, etc., Each skill corresponds to a specific number of points. For example, if a player has only a few million skill points, it is considered a noob, but if the 40 million glasses a veteran who spends time in Eve Online for about three years. Thus, the leveling in the game is not fast.

The game world

The game world of Eve Online: The Second Genesis is truly huge: it’s a whole universe of thousands of star systems. There is a relatively small “civilized island”, which live in relatively safe. There is a “buffer zone”, “borderland”, where the law is not very strict, and there are more wild system where I don’t even know the word “pirate” — everything is already at war against all.

The basic unit of the game – Corporation. Between corporations there are constant wars for the redistribution of stellar systems: everyone wants to have a greater number of planets with large reserves of natural resources. Every Corporation or Alliance relies on the infrastructure of space stations. To dislodge the enemy from his lair, you must destroy this infrastructure. Dying in battle, you die for real – the player is recovering from its own clone. To tell everything about the game in this article is not possible, try to play, and you’ll understand!

Install EVE Online in Ubuntu

At the time of this writing, the only way to run EVE Online client on Linux was to use WINE. However, there is a simple way of installing games using PlayOnLinux wizard. First we need to install a fresh version of PlayOnLinux (how to install playonlinux). Then search through the database of games to specify eve online, choose a game from the list and click “Install”. Waiting for the completion of the installation wizard, start the game from the PlayOnLinux menu.


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