Amusing and simple Linux games

The modern player is almost impossible to surprise: everyone is used to big-budget projects, with amazing graphics and sound. Work independent studios and individuals-enthusiasts remains in the shadows, and find the results on the Internet is not always easy. That is why our website GameBuntu and talks about a small but interesting toys that can take some of your free evenings. Among these games, there are online projects and desktop applications.

RoboDuck Football 2030

Very entertaining game in which you must control two mechanical ducks. Duck must catch the soccer ball and score it into the opponent’s goal. Feature of the game is the inability to directly control the ducks, you need to place on the playing field and icons-instructions, turning the robot in a certain direction. Experienced players, of course, remember about the table Roborally, and older games, Frozen Endzone, and Gearheads. To play online in “robotic” football at this link.

Mighty Tactical Shooter

This game is at its dynamics a bit like the Superhot and implementation – “Brew”. The main difference between Mighty Tactical Shooter that everyone’s time is suspended, and the player is further the algorithm of the movement of the ship. You need to plot a course to the turn and anything to crash, try to predict the behavior of the opponents. The game is definitely for those who like to think a head.

Download the demo version


We present to your attention a very interesting, clever puzzles, where passages of the game world blocked by large boulders, closed doors or other objects. To win, your hero must learn the skills to push objects or break them with ray guns. To gain such power is not easy: first you need to find the magical gems, then use them to activate the beam guns. In addition to the ability was active, you need to constantly be in the light flow. This means that you will need to how to calculate the path of propagation of the light rays. He coped with the first part of the game, you can begin mastering the second, more difficult part.



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