7 best games available in Snap

In this article, we will discuss the best games for Ubuntu that are free to install as a Snap in the official store Snapcraft.

No PPA, repositories, and packages tar.gz with which many have problems with the installation.

As much as 7 great games in app format Snapbox.

The best game in the snap format for Ubuntu

1. Live for SpeedLife for Speed

A serious racing simulator with a steep learning system. Many say that the experience of racing in Live for Speed is the closest you have come to sit in the driver’s seat of this car in this race!

Although the program released only for Windows, we can run it with two packs snap.

Live for Speed has a realistic physics engine, gorgeous visuals, and even the degree of online gameplay.

This game is best played with a steering wheel controller, though you can use keyboard and (or) mouse.

Although this game is free to download, you will need to purchase a license Live for Speed, if you want to unlock additional vehicles and tracks.

snap install wine sudo-platform
sudo install snap liveforspeed

2. TrackMania: Nations Forever

TrackMania: Nations Forever

TrackMania: Nations Forever is one of the most popular online racing for PC of all time, now available in the store Snap.

TrackMania: Nations Forever is another game based on Wine, neatly packaged in the form app Snap: the graphics and gameplay on top.

TrackMania: Nations Forever is a game in which there is all for real arcade racing games with various racing sets, cars, tracks and even online players.

sudo install snap tmnationsforever

3. Warzone 2100WarZone 2100

If the race is not for you, we have your galactic strategy. Game real-time open source Warzone 2100.

In Warzone 2100 you take responsibility for The Project – strength, fighting for the restoration of peace after a devastating nuclear fallout.

Warzone 2100 is a game to which you will return due to the presence of the campaign, the multiplayer and single player skirmishes, the diverse set of technologies and a strong strategic mission.

sudo snap install warzone2100

4. Oh My Giraffe!Oh My Giraffe!

This is a cute, quickly starting the game with giraffes Oh My Giraffe!

The game has a simple premise: you are a giraffe, do you like eating fruit, but you need to get away from a few lions.

The ideal way to fill five minutes while you wait for the end of the rendering process, download or install. Simple, but a little addictive game that will surely be appreciated by your children (if you have them).

sudo install snap ohmygiraffe

5. SuperTuxKartSuperTuxKart

If you are using Linux, you’ve probably at least heard about SuperTuxKart (if you haven’t played it).

Possibly the best game for racing on the cards outside of the console (where the Mario Kart series and Crash Team Racing are the main).

And best of all, absolutely free!

Excellent graphics, advanced gameplay, a diverse set of tracks and clever collection of characters and karts make SuperTuxKart a game that should not be missed. Enjoy:

snap install supertuxkart

6. XonoticXonotic

Dynamic first-person shooter Xonotic is a classic of the free software community. It has a fun, simple gameplay, tons of weapons to choose from and a diverse set of game modes – including online play – all to make your life even more interesting.

Exceptionally outstanding classic open-source. For fans of FPS games, particularly a game you need to have in the collection.

sudo snap install xonotic

7. Installer Minecraft

This Snap – package is technically not a game: this is a Downloader for the game.

But this is a game that needs no introduction.


Snap – this is probably the fastest and easiest way to run Minecraft and it populated the sandbox in Ubuntu.

Mc-installer is an offshoot of the Snap installer-Minecraft-NSG, but he does not use the Oracle version of Java and instead uses the freely available OpenJDK.

After installation just run the mc-installer to start the download files Minecraft .jar. The installer will then prompt you to play it on your Ubuntu (or another distro that supports Snapd) – collect, dig and chase the sheep!

install mc sudo snap-installer

Worthy of mention

Other games in the store Snap, which is certainly worth a try when you have free time historical strategy game 0.A.D., 3D FPS Urban Terror, C & C: Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge and 2D space shooter M. A. R. S..

Naturally, the list of “best” games will always be to some extent subjective.

So you can freely leave your comments to share your personal top games for Linux. The only requirement is that they must be available in the store a Snap!

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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