The best HEX editors for Linux

HEX-editor is an application with which you can view and edit a file containing binary data (recorded using combinations of the digits 0 and 1), perekodirovat it in 16-hex format.

And because all files are stored in the computer’s memory in this form, the use of programs that work with HEX, opens up opportunities for various manipulations with data (for example, to restore the damaged text and graphic documents). Some HEX editors are designed to analyze and edit the data with HDD and removable storage called disk editors or editors of sectors.

Window standard HEX editor is divided into three areas. On the right are the so-called region of symbols, in the Central part — region 16-hexadecimal code and left the area of the address. Nowadays Linux users there are many such programs and everyone can choose the one that will be most useful in a particular situation. In this article, we have compiled the best hex editors for linux.

The best HEX editors for Linux

Sometimes the information that is stored on any storage media damaged due to errors in the system. In this case, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel and come up with a special program to retrieve the data. Much better would be the use of a HEX editor. We selected 20 of the best programs and prepared their review.

1. Vim

Vim is for editing text files in hexadecimal. It uses an external tool “xxd”, which is included in the base set of some Linux distributions. Such “cooperation” sometimes becomes the cause of errors in the editor.

The file conversion happens after applying the command:

  • :%! xxd to convert the file to a 16-hex format;
  • %! xxd-r to return to the original version.

2. Hexedit Hex Editor

Hexedit is a simple and reliable HEX editor linux. Among other highlights the presence of a large number of options (quick search and/or comparison, highlighting characters, EBCDIC, color schemes, modes INS/OVR, bookmarks. the track changes.

Program features:

  • Hexedit is used in such PC functions as macros, keystrokes, background search, editor drives and other.
  • Setup tips, calculator, templates. Support files larger than 4 GB.
  • Tools Auto-hide tool windows (for quick hide Windows) and Docking tool windows (to pin the Windows).
  • User-Hexedit can access the memory of the computer, all drives and files.

3. Ghex – GNOME Hex Editor

Ghex is a free editor that in addition to 16-hexadecimal format supports both ASCII. The range of use of this program are very broad, in particular, it allows you to cheat the system for computer games and get extra points or lives for the characters.

Program features:

  • Multi-step Undo (undo) and Redo (repeat).
  • Search function in files and replace them.
  • Tracking interactions between octal, binary, hexadecimal, and decimal codes.
  • Custom MDI.

4. Bless Hex editor

Bless editor open source, fast and simple to set up. Its interface is assembled on GTK. Provides convenient work with large files, allows to undo and redo actions.

Program features:

  • Operation using the keyboard.
  • Search function and replace the files.
  • The ability to copy and paste text.
  • Locking devices and edit a large number of files.

5. Okteta Editor

Initially this app was designed for programmers, however, will come in handy for all users who have a need to work with files on the byte level and edit hex to linux.

6. wxHexEditor

A powerful tool that supports various types of files, accessories and tags, the size of which can be calculated in Exabytes (1 EB = 1018 bytes). To a greater extent its use makes sense for programmers.

7. HexCurse

Written in the C language, ncurses-based. Like the users due to the presence of a large number of functions. Among other things, it allows you to change the keyboard shortcuts used to operate the program.

8. Hexer

Free HEX editor for Linux that does only load the entire file, which does not allow to edit the individual blocks. However, he had some advantages — for example, the edit function at the command prompt, multi-level undo (Undo) and multiple buffers.

9. Dhex Hex Editor

This program works on the basis of ncurses, and as add-on developers have provided the comparison function files. If desired, you can activate the render mode. Often used to convert the discrete of bytes in large files.

10. Jeex Hex Editor

Jeex boasts a open-source, which was written in Gtk + and is released under the GNU public license. Allows to execute the operations in binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal formats. At the moment, is one of the best HEX-editors.

11. Binary Ninja

Paid program written in Python and published under the GPLv2 license. Feature of this software is that it is designed primarily for reverse-engineering. Anyone can download the trial version and within 25 minutes to test Binary Ninja limited number of options.

Program features:

  • Graphics synopses that allows you to view and analyze information about a given at the moment of the function.
  • Thanks a submenu selected plug-ins can be combined into a separate group.
  • Improved PE parser and PE parser.
  • Access logs done by pressing the string with the address.
  • Binary Ninja helps you find the library you want to carry out a binary function.

12. Fileobj Hex Editor

Fileobj was written in python and is based on ncurses. The interface of this HEX editor is reminiscent of Vi, respectively, of these programs are many of the same features. In addition, Fileobj able to perform most of the Vi commands, which is convenient for users.

13. Joe Hex Editor

Joe — another HEX editor on ncurses available to Linux users. Has user mode-less interface that is very easy to use. Access to reference materials is provided through a special button on the screen.

Program features:

  • For simplicity you can use the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Setup configurations.
  • Support for all popular file formats.

14. VBdiff Hex Editor

The name of this program — VBdiff — literally means “Visual binary diff”. This free editor can open two files simultaneously and can compare them. Able to work with large documents.

15. HexCmp

HexCmp is part Fairdell software. This is a handy application that you can compare and edit binary files in binary and 16 hexadecimal formats.


The above mentioned HEX editors for Linux, often used by owners of computers running this operating system. Some of them are more popular among professionals — programmers and developers. Others suit those who use such software only from case to case. However, we can say that they are all sufficiently flexible and functional to meet the needs of all users.


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