Xonotic – dimensional shooter for Ubuntu

Xonotic – multiplayer 3D shooter for Linux that is a fork (defined) from the Nexuiz project. Birthday games — March 7, 2010, and free access to the game “Xonotic” appeared a little later, December 23, 2010.

The story of the game Xonotic

In 2001 a group of programmers under the guidance of Vermulen the beginning of the development of the game Nexuiz. First Nexuiz was the only modification for Quake, but then became completely independent project. The game is based on DarkPlaces engine. In March 2010, the company IIIFonic purchased from Lee Vermulen rights practices which was carried out by the creators of the project. Some of the developers were unhappy with this, and so he started a new project Xonotic.

In the first version of Xonotic some of the nuances of the original project was completely redesigned. This applies to menu style, management code, weapons, player models, animations and locations. In the new version, which was released 8 Sep 2011, added support for 10 new languages (including Russian). The game has a support of transport and new maps it was already possible to conduct battles between multiple users.

March 8, 2012 appears version 0.6, in which the developers have added support for Client-side QuakeC (CSQC) technology, which is required for online play. Now the level of detail of the models and processing of animation became a “problem” client, which improved the overall performance of a network game.

Xonotic Gameplay

The gameplay of the game “Xonotic” is quite typical of many three-dimensional first person shooters (as example projects built with engines from the id Tech – Warsow, OpenArena, and has been repeatedly referred to in article Nexuiz). Before the game you need to choose the game mode – single player or multiplayer.

The graphics in “Xonotic” just on top. If the computer power is not enough to render all the visual effects, some of them can simply be turned off.
In multiplayer mode you have the ability to fight with multiple real users, and in single-player mode will have to fight with bots managed by artificial intelligence.

Install Xonotic on Ubuntu

To install the game, you need to download on the official website http://www.xonotic.org the package with the game, and then run one of the file xonotic-linux32-glx (if your computer is running a 32-bit system) or xonotic-linux64-glx (if the system is 64-bit).


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