Among the Sleep

On the website of the company Krillbite Studios has information about the date of the upcoming release of the game in the Survival horror genre- “Among the Sleep” (“Among the sleep”). According to company representatives, it will happen very soon – on may 29 this year. To enjoy the game users of operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The plot of the game “Among the Sleep”

Thanks to “Among the Sleep” everyone will be able to fully immerse yourself in the endless world of children’s imagination. On the border between reality and dream the developing child’s brain is confronted with a variety of mental tasks, as well as the unknown creatures of the world.

The protagonist of the game – two-year-old child who must find their father and mother. All the strange things started when one evening the child was put to bed. Children witness periodic paranormal phenomena, including scary shadows, light and bright explosions hovering sphere.

The player’s task – not to fight, but rather to look for a place where you can hide and wait it out. This will help to survive in the strange fantastic world parallel to reality.

History of development

The development of the game began in 2011. The first investor was the Norwegian film Institute, which contributed to the project 425 000 NOK. After that, the developer applied for a grant, and is further brought 200 000 CZK.

In 2013 was opened a Kickstarter campaign, the results of which the project budget has increased by 248 $ 358. This month, everyone could download a free alpha version of the game. The company also plans to release a special edition, Among the Sleep: Grandparent Limited Edition. In addition to the licensed version of the game, the user will receive an artbook and soundtrack, can get acquainted with the history of the “AmongtheSleep”.

May 22 was declared to be the date of the final release of “Among the sleep”. You can buy the game will be on may 29. While still in development game modification for game consoles the PlayStation 4. The company plans to continue to add to their creation, the support points of virtual reality Project Morpheus.

To purchase and install the game via Steam (how to install steam in Ubuntu).


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