Ubuntu 19.10 hit beta. Talk about new products.

The official build will debut in beta and there is something to see.

Hot on the heels of the beta version of Ubuntu 19.10 appeared fresh test build of the Ubuntu family, Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu.

To date, we have a clear idea of what functions and offers change each of these assemblies.

So I decided to assimilate all this information in easy-to-digest post like this and not ignore it until the day of release, as I usually do it!

So read a detailed report about what’s new in Ubuntu MATE 19.10, 19.10 Budgie Ubuntu, Xubuntu 19.10, 19.10 Kubuntu and maybe even in Ubuntu Studio 19.10 (I usually forget about it) – plus download links to the beta versions of Ubuntu 19.10 for fun and testing.

19.10 Ubuntu Beta: Build.

Ubuntu MATE Beta 19.10

Ubuntu MATE 19.10 (as always) is a major update, giving a distribution of Linux with nostalgic ethics extra chips with which to play.

It includes the release of MATE desktop 1.22.2 replaces the email client Thunderbird to Evolution and presents an updated applet menu Brisk (which now includes the layout in the style of Unity).

You have heard that Ubuntu MATE refuses VLC in favor of GNOME MPV (which is now known as Celluloid), so if you’re a fan first, now you need to install it with my own hands (don’t worry, fans of updates, it will not disappear)

Speaking of removing things, Compiz and Compton are no longer part of the default installation. Marco window Manager with MATE desktop has reached a level where other arrangements not possible to offer (but of course, they remain in the archive).

Marco fixes include support for XPresent (ie no longer closes the screen), while the frame rate in games and overall support for HiDPI better than before.

Other notable additions – fair: read the full announcement for more details because there are a ton of changes – a new applet “notification Center” with the regime “do not disturb”, a new screen magnifier, as well as various themes and UI improvements.

Want all this and more? Then go ahead.

To download the beta of Ubuntu MATE 19.10

Xubuntu Beta 19.10

New release of Xfce 4.14 provides the Foundation for Xubuntu 19.10, giving this beloved build some additional flavor.

This beta includes an improved window Manager is XFCE, which supports Vsync, better handles the HiDPI screens and introduces some integration with the proprietary NVIDIA drivers.

4.14 presents the new Xfce applet “Missed notifications”. I’m not sure if it is included in this beta version, because at the time of writing this post, the release notes for Xubuntu is not in the wiki.

However, one of the advantages of Xubuntu USP is that it offers a stable and robust user interface. Thus, fans of the distribution should not be too surprised to hear that (probably) no “serious” changes.

Download Xubuntu 19.10

19.10 Kubuntu Beta

19.10 advertised Kubuntu with KDE Plasma 5.16, the KDE applications and Qt 19.04.3 5.12.4. Updated versions of major applications such as Firefox and LibreOffice are also included. Archive Kubuntu now includes the latest versions of some popular KDE applications, including Latte Dock and video editor Kdenlive.

If you prefer Ubuntu with KDE, you probably are using KDE Neon, but if for any reason you do not, you can download Kubuntu 19.10 using the link below.

Download Kubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 Beta
Not having a new version of the desktop Budgie to talk about Ubuntu, Budgie 19.10 for discussion remain iterative improvement, and there is something to see.

Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 beta includes an improved switch Alt-Tab to quickly move between open applications; a list of new applets Budgie, a widget with a clock, called “fuzzyclock” and the brightness controller; and a new set of Wallpapers.

Are all the major advantages 19.10 Ubuntu, such as Linux 5.3, the NVIDIA drivers for ISO etc.

Download Ubuntu Budgie 19.10

Ubuntu Studio 19.10

Ubuntu, which I’m not too familiar, but many of you know, this is Ubuntu Studio. Creative Assembly continues to do what she does best: provide a reliable platform to showcase the best creative tools offered by open source.

For Eoan new build includes an improved version of the Ubuntu Studio Controls (best described as a guide for setting up distribution for music production). This version, in particular, includes a new display allowing you to see if Jack (or rest, Ho-Ho-no), and other settings associated with Jack.

The latest available version 2.3.2 Audacity, Kdenlive and Blender 19.08 2.8.0 is enabled (as expected), but they were joined by a new application of this cycle: OBS, tool game streaming open-source, popular among users of Twitch. (and now sponsored by the platform).

Download Ubuntu Studio 19.10

What kind of Ubuntu is your favorite? Let me know below!

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