Worms under Linux or just Headgewars

All gamers remember such a cool game like Worms (Worms, Worms 2, Worms Armageddon). The gameplay is Worms made it istene immortal. Especially fun to play this game with friends over a network or on a single computer at a time. Because this game is popular to this day, it exists and is successfully sold not only for PC but also for various consoles, for example, I saw it in the Playstation Store.

In Linux is possible to run the original game, but it is much more interesting to free and open alternative. And there are a few alternatives (I at the moment 2 known). Let’s talk about one of them, in my opinion the most successful — Headgewars!

In the game you have to manage not worms, but a fun round hedgehogs, something like a hedgehog from the cartoon “Smeshariki”. You available a vast Arsenal of weapons, some of which are similar to arms in a classic worms (such as bazookas, grenades, mines, etc.), and part replaced no less cheerful counterparts (mainly special weapons like the banana bomb is replaced with a watermelon bomb, etc.). The gameplay is absolutely the same like in the classic worms.

Available in all modes of playing together, the generators of random cards, preloaded maps, game types Fort and many more. Play with friends like on LAN or through Internet using the official servers. The game is also available for one computer.

The game is free, distributed under GPL-v2. There are versions not only under Linux but under Windows and FreeBSD, so you can play with your friends who have not yet switched to using kosher OS. Download client on the official website of the game: http://hedgewars.org/

Installing games on Ubuntu is done directly from the repository, you can use the software Center or Synaptic and the command:

sudo apt-get install hedgewars



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