Pax Britannica: become the king of the seas!

The name of the game, which we want to describe in this article is historical. Pax Britannica is a peaceful period in world history, between Traviantray battle and the beginning of the First World war. That’s all the Association ends, because the world in this game and not “smell”.

Pax Britannica is a game in the genre of strategy in real time. At the moment, to enjoy the beauty of the seas and oceans, as well as high-quality graphics, users can operating systems of Windows, Mac OS and Linux, as well as owners of mobile devices based on Android.

How to play Pax Britannica

The game Pax Britannica is quite easy to use – no problems will arise even for a beginner. Before you start playing, you have to choose one of 4 possible military vehicles, control music, look under General options and assistance, to review the underlying loans. Once you choose a ship, the program will start the countdown and you will be able to play.

The beginning of the game

Once the game has loaded, you will see a message indicating “available” area of the screen. Usually this area is on the left. The chosen vessel is characterized by the so-called “imaginary” resources – they are used to create warships of smaller size. On each ship there is a circle of thread in the centre together is very reminiscent of the classic radar.

The whole circle is divided into four parts: three of these parts are “responsible” for combat vehicles: fighters, bombers and frigates. Well, the fourth region may be used by the player to improve their ship. Click on this field with the left mouse button – this will cause the circle to rotate. As soon as you release the mouse button, immediately begin to create ships.

The characteristics of warships

The most simple and quick way to create a fighter – in this case you waste a bit of resources. Create a fighter is a necessary step before the creation of the bombers.

The creation of the bomber you will have to spend more resources. These ships can fire a slow torpedo and cause so damage to frigates and bases.

The frigate is the most expensive combat ship. His terrible weapon is torpedoes, heat-seeking guidance.

The main objective of this game is to destroy the main enemy ship. It needs to be not only a good strategist but an excellent tactician.

The installation of Pax Britannica in Ubuntu

Need to download the archive with the game from the official site of Pax Britannica Unpack the archive, navigate to the resulting folder pax-britanica, and run the executable file pax-btitanica.


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