Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

The company Aratog Games has completed the beta testing of the game Astro Lord: Oort Cloud. It’s completely free MMO-strategy game designed for various platforms – PC (Windows, Linux, MacOS), browser, and mobile devices (iOS Androidи). Browser version AstroLord requires installation of the Unity plugin.

A game publisher is a company Tartezal Holdings. The game came in the TOP 5 best results of the competition Game Connection Europe 2013, the three winners of the contest “Best browser game” (Amsterdam, 2014) and received a lot of positive feedback from media representatives and ordinary users.

Player AstroLord may manifest itself as an advanced strategy or a great tactician. Will have to play for one of Astrologos rulers, mastering the asteroids of the Oort Cloud. Seizing power over the asteroid, you need to build its infrastructure, establish mining operations, applying innovative technologies. And only after that, each Astrolog may engage in the extension of their possessions. You can use both peaceful and military methods.

The advantage of gameplay AstroLord are exciting and dynamic space battles, complex economic model, but also communication between individual players (economic cooperation, fighting, clan mission).

“Highlight” AstroLord the world is the same world regardless of platform. Thanks to a powerful server built on cloud technology, the game created an almost unlimited universe.

As the engine used is Unity 3D. Due to this fact enjoy space strategy can not only computer users but also owners of mobile devices. Another undoubted advantage of the game is its free. In addition, the Russian version of “Astro Lords” can be withdrawn in real money in-game resources.

The game developer has signed a partnership agreement with BISBOG Group. Now to play AstroLord: OortCloud will be in English, French and German. Already known release date English localization in Europe and North America. 10 Jun began closed beta testing, open testing is scheduled for June 17 and the final release will be 1 July.

This does not apply to the mobile versions of the game – at the moment they are still in development. About the release date localizations for Android and iOS will be announced.


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