PdfJumbler is a small Java (Java Swing) graphical application for viewing and quick editing of documents of format PDF (Portable Document Format).

PdfJumbler is a convenient tool helping the user to view, merge and split PDF documents of any size and structure. Document page it is possible to rearrange (reallocate) and remove, supported individual and group treatment pages. The editor interface is very simple, move pages by drag and drop (Drag-and-drop / Drag and drop), to remove and clean buttons on the toolbar.

PdfJumbler performs simple operations in the main application window (of the page you can increase and decrease in a wide range), for more complex operations use a window with a text list of pages. The functionality is implemented in modules, to display a PDF document using modules JPedal or JPod, modules iText or Apache PDFBox to save. The modules are delivered with the application, if necessary (e.g. incorrect operation with PDF file) you can replace them with your own (by placing *. Jar files in appropriate directories).

PdfJumbler supports running from the command line, which is useful when processing a large number of PDF documents. All changes are saved to a new file, the original PDF documents remain unchanged. The function of undo and redo (Undo/Redo) changes made to the unlimited control focused on the use of the mouse for some functions you can use the keyboard shortcuts.

License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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