Biogenesis (Biogenesis)

Biogenesis (Biogenesis) — educational entertainment Java (Java Swing) the game simulates the processes associated with the evolution of organisms in an artificial world.

Biogenesis (Biogenesis) — the formation of organic compounds by living organisms, in another sense it is an empirical generalization stating that all life comes only from living things. The basis of the ideas of biogenesis is the opposition of the living and the inanimate, the idea of eternal life.

Biogenesis is a virtual Microbiology laboratory where it is easy to experiment with a huge number of a variety of microorganisms, studying their lives and behavior. The game is designed for students in the form of entertainment by showing some aspects of biological processes.

Biogenesis in the two dimensional environment visually simulates the process of evolution of unicellular organisms at nature. The player is given the opportunity to follow their favorite creatures, study them, feed, revive, etc., to test the stability of the whole ecosystem, encouraging the development of specific and destroying the other (competing or hostile).

The player can use various ways to change the evolutionary process by modifying the environment settings, tracking how organisms react to change, what kind of mutation they happen to fit the environment. The simulation is done through organisms formed by colored segments, as each color has a value that is easy to learn about the body’s state just by looking at him.

During the multiplication of the descendants of organisms similar to the parent, but have some mutations that make them unique. Only those organisms that have beneficial mutations survive and breed, evolving, and battling each other in a battle for survival. The organisms have a different metabolism, it affects their interaction with other organisms and the environment.

Biogenesis is not as such the goal, the player can try to become the first who will open the correct evolutionary path or retain the most developed and interesting body, for example to share them with other players/colleagues (in file genetic codes *.bgg or as *.the png image), you can view statistics on the virtual ecosystem.

Biogenesis is based on the ideas of simulation of evolution and artificial life Primordial Life (Original Life), but is an independent project. Started the game, you can pause and/or save game state to a file (format *.bgw), control of the game focused on the use of the mouse for some functions can be used keyboard.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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