TripleA – openarena strategic game delays

Linux is often criticized for the lack of games. The truth is that Linux has a fun and entertaining game, but they often don’t notice. TripleA is one of those.

For a start

TripleA was first made by Sean Bridges (Sean Bridges) in October 2001. Sean made it to show potential employers. Demo version 0.1 helped him get the job. Development has slowed since the time of the earnings. Anyway to play its hand a lot of people that has led to what we eventually have.

What is TripleA?

If you have ever played strategy Board games like Risk or Axis and Allies then you will be clear how to play TripleA. Practically it is the engine that allows you to play a lot of games on different maps.

Each game has a certain number of sides. Each side is given a course on the planning of the attacks, the purchase of troops, deployment of troops and their movement. The battle takes place through the cubes.

You can download a lot of maps. The maps cover a multitude of types of games. Some games are related to history: the Neapolitan war, second world war, the cold war, the Punic wars, early Japan, etc. Also there is a place for science fiction and fantasy, which are shown in maps on the motifs of star wars, the deadlands and the Lord of the rings.

Given a choice of several opponents. You can play single-player games against the AI with adjustable difficulty level. Can also fight with other players via the mail or connection.

The game has a nice feature – all of your moves in the game are saved, so that you can later return to them and analyze necessary.

Rules to TripleA in English can be found here.

A new and easy installer for TripleA

The team behind the development, recently introduced a new extensive release This release is interesting as a General update, and new install of the game. Previously, in order to play TripleA for Linux or Mac, you had to download the zip file, unpack it and enter the game using terminal commands.

The new release makes it easier, because it has the correct installer.Now all you need is to download the file .sh, make it executable and run the installer. As soon as he does his job, you can get into the menu TripleA (note: for the correct operation of TripleA, you must have installed Java 8 or later. Recommended Oracle JREs, as with OpenJRE sound doesn’t always work).

Download game TripleA

Tips on playing TripleA

I played a little in TripleA and decided to share my experience with you. Here’s what I learned:

  • First, since TripleA turn-based game, your turn has to wait long enough so that it would be a good idea to make notes about your strategy. For example, I played for Germany during the second world war and I wanted to push troops to Finland to open a second front against the Russians. Two walking I completely forgot and continued to get beaten on the Eastern front. Write down your plans or you will berate yourself for missed opportunities.
  • Second, on each turn, you may purchase units. Units can be located only on territories with factories. The wider your territory, the further the distance from your factories and the harder it is to send troops into battle. So keep the factory closer to the battle. Factory you can buy, where you buy other units. Though not to be placed on the newly conquered territory.
  • Thirdly, it is not too dispersed. Overconfidence in this game the main enemy. At first it seems that one business unit to capture unprotected enemy territory is a good idea. On the next turn the enemy with a large number of troops beat back their territory, and in the appendage to grab a couple of your territories nearby.
  • Fourthly, you can allow the game itself to play. You can set AI for all players and click “start”, then the game will start without you. Quite funny to see how computer fights with himself, trying to conquer Europe or Asia.

Thoughts on TripleA

The game may not be the reactive shooter, but still very entertaining. She will surely like, if you’re a fan of turn-based strategy or Board games.

This is one of my favorite ways to spend time. There’s only one way to know you like this game or not. Download and try to play.

Have you ever played in TripleA? Do you like it? Do you have a favorite game on Linux?

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