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Mark Text — elegant Electron (Node.js) / GTK graphical text editor used to write and edit notes, multi – Markdowneditor support online and offline mode (online and offline activities).

Markdown — presented in 2004 year, the lightweight markup languagecreated with the goal of writing the most readable and easy to edit text, but suitable for conversion to languages for advanced publications (HTML, Rich Text and others). Markdown is not a replacement for HTML, its syntax is limited and meets only a small subset of HTML.

Interface Mark Text designed in a minimalist style, allowing the user not to be distracted by the controls, focusing on the work with text. The user interface offers several themes (dark and light). Configuration is performed by editing the configuration file (~/.config/marktext/ implemented in the editor.

In addition to creating and editing plain text WYSIWYG-editor, Mark Text supports all features characteristic of most Markdowneditors (copy, paste, search and replace, deletion and so forth). In the PDF document, you can insert tables (GFM table), diagrams (Sequence, Gantt, and Vega), headers, quotes, mathematical equations (KaTeX) links, images and other…

Mark Text offers a special mode (Focus-mode)to simplify work with large texts by highlighting the paragraphs and sentences are marked by the user. View and edit source code with syntax highlighting (a method of syntax highlighting text with different colors, fonts and styles).

Mark Text can run in windowed and fullscreen mode, undo function and redo the changes unlimited (Undo/Redo). A Markdown document can be exported to a PDF or HTML file, include the count of characters, paragraphs, and words (in the top/left corner), to control using mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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