A simple arcade shooter in the style of the Galaxy from well-known designer of computer games of Kenta Cho.

The game is a simple arcade shooter in the style of the Galaxy in time. On top of you flying Horde of fighters, which you in turn should bring down dodging the shots of enemy ships.


The game is really very simple not makes you think for a second, is that as I studied management. And the management could not be easier — the arrow cursor you control the movement of the boat on the screen, and ctrl firing at the enemy.

The graphics in the game are also very simple, albeit with 3D elements, looks unusual, but its beautiful and even fantastic in the style of Tron.

Installing the game is very simple from the regular Ubuntu repositories. Enough to find the app Center game titanion, or run in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install titanion

The game is suitable for children including for the purpose of learning the basics of working with a personal computer. Adult players will find the game fun is simply entertainment to pass the time or some of the pressure off the brain.


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