Ubuntu 16.10: What to expect from Unity 7

Last week, you could observe the development cycle of Ubuntu 16.10 during the Ubuntu Online Summit.

The three-day event gives us a rough idea about the direction, ‘Yakkety Yak’ and its meaning for us.

Perhaps in a future article I will explain more about this for those who have not followed the course of the event.

Unity 7 still with us

The biggest news was the information that Unity 8 and Mir will not be the standard shells in the next release.

You are not sad the fact that promising technologies do not give a chance?

But on the other hand, it is the right decision. We don’t want to fuck up our computers in a fit of rage, if something goes wrong.

Let’s be honest: Over Unity 8 still have to work

Do not underestimate the amount of work required for the correct functioning of the server Mir and Unity 8 shell.

Those who often drink/live in my own world I can say that the shell already works quite well. I do not deny that it can be used, but it is not even equal to Unity 7.

If so, and hope that Unity 8 will ever become a standard shell and will replace the Unity 7 on millions of computers worldwide – then eight have definitely become better.

But what this detention might mean for the release Yakkety?

Ubuntu 16.10: What to expect

Unity 7

Unity 7 does not change much during the development cycle. Be affected by significant bugs, security problems and OEM.

That is, we will not see new features? Not really. It’s possible that a couple of new features leaked.

But any significant change should be motivirovan community!

The ISO image will be more

The developers tactfully agreed to increase the image size for Ubuntu 16.10.
Source: omgubuntu.ru

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