Thrive — the evolution simulator, the player will have to spend your creature from single-celled organism to the mind and flight to the stars, the game was initially inspired by the concept of simulator Spore, but most closely corresponding to modern scientific concepts.

Spore — a game in the genre of “God Simulator“, while incorporating elements of role-playing and strategy in real time. The player controls the development of creatures as you wish, by altering and thereby improving characteristics, from micro-organism to a highly developed civilization.

The action takes place on a planet much like Earth when it was still in its infancy life. In the depths of the sea drifting single-celled organisms, fighting for scarce resources, propagating and evolving. The new species has spurred evolutionary processes, the struggle for food resources lasts millions of years, only the best and most adapted will survive…

Single-celled organisms constantly compete, trying to gain an advantage, but some occasionally work together to achieve their goals in an unfavorable environment. Some organisms have become predators, eating not only the elements from the external environment but also other organisms, but we don’t know which path will allow you to achieve your goal, become multicellular!

Thrive proposes to start the game as a unicellular organism, it can explore the world inhabited by other organisms, the same or other species. The surrounding area contains areas containing certain chemical elements (oxygen, glucose, ammonia, etc)that you can collect just passing through. The main purpose of an organism is survival in a hostile environment.

Collecting various types of chemicals can be synthesized, obtaining a substance useful for development, but some compounds can be toxic, negatively affecting the body. Once collected and converted a sufficient number of connections for use available transformations the player becomes available “Editor“, which allows on the basis of available elements to choose the future path of development.

Collected and synthesized elements are the “currency” for mutations, which prevents erratic and uncontrollable mutation in a single generation. After applying mutation and the change of generation, depending on the improvements and efficiency that become available to absorb other chemical elements and compounds. In the outside world and other types, too, can perform the same actions as the player, but generating their own energy through similar processes.

Organisms can obtain the ability to produce toxins when in contact with this organism decreases the vitality of the body of the player. Stocks of the toxin found in the environment, they can be stocked for later use. The body may have the ability of absorption, if the cage paralyze and/or she starts to lose health it can absorb a stronger organisms. When the absorption of another organism need to be careful, they can be toxic.

With the development of the cell starts to produce an amino acid as soon as its reserves become sufficiently high, the organism is ready to divide and upper right will be illuminated the button of “Editor“. Every edit is spending points “mutations“, the changes can be canceled (no cost), at the end of the level “mutations” edit the stops and the body will have to re-stock up on vital items, synthesizing of these compounds and absorbing the unlucky kinds of organisms.

Thrive is in the early stages of development now (at the beginning of 2019) is available only to “single-Celled” game mode, the planned creation of seven stages: a Unicellular organism, Multicellular organism, Awareness, Awakening, Society, Industry and Space. System requirements for the game is small, to control using a keyboard.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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