B. A. L. L. Z.

B. A. L. L. Z. is a small C++ / Allegro / GTK two-dimensional platformer with puzzle elements.

B. A. L. L. Z. written in 72 hours for the competition TINS (TINS Is Not Speedhack), in the future, the game was revised and updated (until steady state).

In the game B. A. L. L. Z. have to control the ball, which was genetically modified in the laboratories of the British secret service. The ball was sent with a mission to rescue British soldiers from an Iranian prison.

Feature of the gameplay of B. A. L. L. Z. is that the player controls the direction of the ball, and can only control his jumps. As you progress through the levels (available 19 levels) increases the complexity of the game and the ball have new abilities.

B. A. L. L. Z. has low system requirements, can run in window and full screen mode, the levels become available for the passage of the previous one, completed levels can be replayed again in any order (if you want to improve the result of the passage), to control using a keyboard.

License: BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution license)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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