17 memorable retro games to play on Linux today

In brief: This article is primarily aimed at gamers who play on Linux and grew up playing games that we call “retro” these days.

A new era for Linux gaminghas arrived . Now we have great games for Linux with stunning visual effects that delight the eyes of every player. But who can forget the nostalgic games that made us gamers? Those were the days when, more than anything, we loved staying connected to our Nintendo consoles.

In this article, we will try to refresh your childhood memories by showing you how to install and run some amazing retro games of those times.

To play the exact versions of those same games, you can install a Nintendo emulator, such as ZSNES. This is free and open source software! SNES stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The Z in this abbreviation seems to refer to the developer aliases: zsKnight and _Demo_. Users of Debian-based operating systems can install ZSNES using apt-get using the “sudo apt-get install zsnes” command.

After installation, you can launch the ZSNES emulator from the application menu or from the terminal with the “zsnes”command. Using the game menu, you can download from the list and load the virtual disk of the game of your choice. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to do it.

How to install and run SNES games

1. From the command line, run the following commands to install ZSNES:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install zsnes

2. Download the image of your favorite game. Here is a complete list of games, among which there is probably your favorite.

Download discs with game packages.

3. Launch ZSNES from the terminal using the “zsnes” command or via the application menu:

4. From the main menu, you can download the disk image of the desired game. After you download them from the above links, be sure to extract it to find the .smc file . This is the file you need to run. Here I downloaded and launched the SWATKats game.

To switch to full-screen mode, use the keyboard shortcut: “Alt + Enter”.

In the article, I used the ZNSES emulator, but there are other emulators that you can use to play retro games on Linux. In fact, there is a Linux distribution Lakka, which can turn your computer into a retro-style game console.

17 retro games for Linux

Let’s take a look at some versions of well-known games that were originally created for Linux or can be run using WINE or emulators.

#1 Mario

Undoubtedly one of the most legendary characters in the history of video games, Mario once conquered us and forever took his place in our hearts! We looked through a lot of topics on fan forums and found that there are different versions of Mario available for the game… some of them are Windows executables (they can be easily configured with Wine /PlayOnLinux), and some are native Linux versions! Many of the original Mario games are on the SNES and NES rom list.

#2 Road Rash

A very nostalgic and extremely popular title video of the game Road Rash. The game features unforgettable kicks, slaps, chain shots, and some undeniably hilarious moments!

#3 Dangerous Dave

This is another popular retro computer game developed by John Romero in 1988.

To start the game, we recommend using Dosbox or Wine. You can download the executable file from this link. And be sure to specify the path to the game location using the configuration file for Dosbox.

#4 Wrestlemania – The Arcade Game

It was my favorite game when I was a kid. Most of the time I played for Yokozuna, he seemed invulnerable, and most of his attacks were pretty funny! And the whole game as a whole was very fun, from the ghosts of the Undertaker to the electric shock of Doink! And after I learned how to do combos, my Yoko became invincible!

You can configure this game in the same way as Dangerous Dave described above. You can download the executable file here.

#5 Bomber Man

To play the original version, you can use the NES emulator, as described at the beginning of this article. This list contains many NES games.

#6 Contra

Contra is undoubtedly one of the most memorable arcade games for every passionate gamer. Contra is included in the list of NES games published above. And Contra III-Alien Wars on the SNES list.

#7 Mission Impossible

“Mission Impossible” can be run using a Nintendo 64 emulator called Mupen64 Plus. You can download it here. And the virtual disk containing the game is here.

#8 Donkey Kong

Remember the adventures of a gorilla named Donkey Kong? In this case, you can try it on Linux with the JNES emulator. The game is on the same NES list.

#9 Popeye

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Popeye the Sailor! Try this game on your Linux system with VisualBoy Advance Emulator, designed to emulate Gameboy games. Here is the Ubuntu version. The game is included in the full list of virtual disks mentioned in the introduction.

#10 Yie Ar Kung fu

This is another NES classic from Konami. In the beginning, it seems easy, but gradually becomes more complicated, and by the end it begins to tin. Included in the mentioned list.

#11 Legend of Kage

Here’s something that will surely bring back some wonderful childhood memories. Legend of Kage is also another NES favorite from Taito Corporation.

#12 Circus Charlie

It was definitely delicious. Look for the image in the NES list.

#13 Road Fighter

Oh, that shiny little red car! Included in the NES list.

#14 Excitebike

Crashes look pretty funny! Included in the aforementioned NES list.

#15 Gradius

A nostalgic adventure in space! Available in the NES.

#16 Judge Dredd

Bring to life Judge Dredd, a law enforcement officer who always lets justice prevail! Available on the SNES and Gameboy lists.

#17 Galaxian

Another unforgettable space adventure! Download it here. You will need an NES emulator.

With deep respect, I take my hat off to nicoblog for preserving what will one day be called the”legacy of computer games”. And speaking of the future, I remember the game“Back to the Future”, which is also included in the NES list along with the sequel!

I hope you will go on reading this article and relive those good old days again.

As always, please leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments.

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