Interesting new Linux games on Kickstarter

In this short review of the new Linux games on Kickstarter, we will tell you about the adventures of the ruler of the Kingdom, strategic card game created by fans from Massachusetts and about the adventures of a strange knight, who desperately need to solve some ancient mystery.

Yes, Your Grace

The protagonist of the game “Yes, Your Grace,” king Davem, who must make crucial for all people and not always popular decisions. The king in this game is not so much a tyrant, how the crisis Manager. Problems the monarch lot: wither the crops in the fields, the subjects to be molested by monsters and disease, but neighboring monarchs do not mind to expand its territory at the expense of Divema…

In the throne room of the king hangs a map, which he uses for planning troop movements, trade with neighbors, and improve cities. Every decision and action will inevitably affect the reputation of the protagonist.

The king significantly hampered by the fact that all the information about the state it receives from the second, and even third-hand – from their applicants and advisers. But these individuals are not always able and willing to speak the truth.


Prismata is a strategy card game created by enthusiasts-fans of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. To get a full picture of Prismata, imagine the kind of game where you have to build a base and continue to improve it and then create your powerful army and lead it into battle on the enemy’s fortress. Now remove from the game real time, fog of war and map and the buildings and units will turn into maps that will and will be called “Prismata”.

At the moment the game is in its early “alpha stage”. The creators of “Prismata” has started to collect money for a full storyline campaign (40 missions) and more cute graphics. It is noteworthy that the game is completely free, and the developer will earn on any “buns” and add-ons.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a game about adventure, Hollow Knight, who travels through the underground world and tries to unravel an ancient mystery. As sources of his inspiration the developers mention Metroid and Zelda. However, at Hollow Knight by no means least, not a noticeable nostalgia for 16 bit graphics, by contrast “picture” resembles a well-made cartoon.


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