Linux users can play Star Conflict

The company Gaijin Entertainment announced just three good news for fans of the game Star Conflict. First news: the game is available in the digital distribution system Steam. Secondly, the project received the update for 0.10.0, and this update works on Linux operating systems. And finally, the third news is the support of Oculus Rift: starship pilots can wear virtual reality glasses, what part in the battle will be even more exciting. The reviews on forums say that the latest update fixed the existing problems with the graphics.

However, the “pleasantness” was not limited only to technical innovations. Buy standard starships from the second to the fourth level can be much cheaper. Due to this the player will be able to quickly evolve from novice to “AssA” computer battles. In addition, for ships of the first and second rank has been increased bonus of profitability.

In the updated version sheds are more spacious (1,500 seats). For owners of the DLC packs with the right of possession of the maximum inventory, it will be enlarged automatically when you update your version of the game.

The developers have improved the emblem corporations, battle modes, maps and interface. Many emblems draw the pilots themselves: any Corporation can draw their own emblem.

Each player will be able to choose what you want to display – “Mini-map” or “Radar”. In order to make a choice, you need to go to the tab “General” and then “HUD settings”.

As for the cards: the developers have modified the map “the wreckage of the dreadnought”, changed the position of the beacons, made the advancement of the center of the map, removed the asteroid, which brought little benefit to the gameplay. In addition, many of the workarounds can be heard by more convenient routes.

The restoration became a “combat”: the player will be able to recover where his crashed ship. In early versions of the game modes “Hunting lighthouse”, and “Control” the number of control points was made to show interest. By updating the number of points is displayed accurately.

The game is free. How to install and play Star Conflict in Linux, read here.


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