Ubuntu 18.04 gives Nautilus a stunning new look

Ubuntu 18.04 there’s a pretty big visual changes that make a good impression.

We all know that in the new version of Ubuntu will use a completely different GUI. Instead of Unity in Ubuntu 18.04 will be Gnome. And many may think that now the distribution will look like something similar to the Ubuntu Gnome Edition. But not so, the environment has been significantly modified and improved, and for this reason many users have shown considerable interest in the new product.

Though the distribution now and will not be the usual unity, it still retains certain trends and style, and we can see not only the example of Ubuntu 17.10, but for example the final beta release, which we mentioned earlier.

As you can see, Ubuntu still retains the original style and color. The elements and their location, the developers have paid special attention. And all this in order that users did not experience too much inconvenience during the transition to the new LTS version of the distribution.

Nautilus will receive an updated look in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

We should not forget about the Nautilus file Manager, which will be used in Ubuntu 18.04. The authors of the distro decided not to upgrade to the latest version, preferring the opportunities that are available in older version (desktop shortcuts etc). But not so simple, recently it became known (with release of the final beta) that he file Manager will get an updated look.

Turned out to be quite interesting, modern and unusual. Newcomers, however, may not notice the difference. And if you are one of those, then take a look at this:

And now compare it with this:

You can see that the Ambiance and Radiance are now using a few new side panel design. And I must say, it looks amazing. The work was done on a solid five and even though she does not “tighten” the appearance of the whole GUI, which will be used in Ubuntu, many users will appreciate this little thingy, which is presented to the developers.

To enjoy all these good things you can have after the release of Ubuntu 18.04, which, recall, will take place on April 26, 2018. The updated LTS version you will be able to find a great variety of different innovations that will fall exactly to your taste.

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