Theme Hospital clone Corsix TH

Corsix TH is a clone of the famous game “Theme Hospital” developed by Bullfrog in 1997. At the moment, the project is multiplatform – feel the owner of the “private clinic” will the owner of the computer with the Windows operating system or Linux, PlayStation, or mobile devices on Android.

The main task of each player – create and manage a private hospital. Patients will have a variety of diseases, most of which in nature simply does not exist (a long tongue, swollen head, invisibility, unusual cold, etc.). On more difficult levels you will have to fight epidemics.

Cadres decide everything

In any hospital “cadres decide everything.” So very carefully treat the selection of doctors and nurses, cleaners and secretaries. Every doctor has their specialization, and in addition, has the right to teach other doctors. In the game you need to monitor the working time of each employee – because reworking excess of, he will ask for a raise.

As in real life, patients are different: such would be better to write ahead of time, so as not to interfere with the normal operation of the institution. If you value the reporting and statistics, then “delete” will have patients dying.

Hospital equipment

Corsix TH, the game begins with the fact that you are given a completely empty hospital in which you have to match the decor and rooms. To move to the next level you will have to fulfill some conditions. The loss occurs if you lose too many of their patients or spend way too much money from the budget of the clinic.

When hospital equipment should be kept in mind that some clinics are mandatory and some are not. The first type obviously need to include your staff, toilets and offices for consultations, and the second x-ray rooms and the scan diagnosis. You will need to allocate space for the treatment of specific diseases. Some medical devices require constant maintenance, if it is not performed, the clinic will incur material losses.

Each head must ensure that his subordinates acceptable conditions of work. It is therefore important to equip spaces for rest, relaxation staff, and in the cold time of the year to set the desired number of radiators.

Install Corsix TH in Ubuntu

The game is present in the repository, Playdeb. To install you must first connect the repository. About how to do this is written here. You can then install the game through traditional means, such as through the application Center or in the terminal window by entering the command:

sudo apt-get install corsix-th

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