Freedroid RPG: rise of the machines

The theme of the confrontation of cars and people passes “red thread” through many sci-Fi movies and computer games. We present you Freedroid is a science fiction role-playing game in which you have to withstand hordes of rampaging droids who are trying to become completely independent from humans. According to one source, “Freedroid” like Diablo, and according to others – Fallout. All the characters in this game, “pseudo”, as if from a cartoon.

Gameplay Freedroid RPG

Gameplay begins with the fact that Tux – penguinplay robot arrived from another planet, suddenly woke up after a NAP that lasted no less 70 years. Led droid “in the sense of” Frances Spark, in the distant past lecturer at the University, and at the beginning of the game – partisans. Frances Spark told Tuksu sad story about the beginning of the robot uprising and the attempt of the people to return to the “status quo”.

As it turned out, that humanity was forced to go deep underground? Will tell you all about it. In the distant future, humanity has reached such a degree that now all the hard and responsible work is performed not people, but robots-droids. Of robots is the army, the police are also some droids. The operating system required to operate robots, make computer firm “MegaSys”. The company has gained such high popularity that literally “bend” by itself, the governments of most countries of the world. It would seem that a happy coexistence of humans and droids is not obstructed. If not one “but” …

This “but” was a Trojan embedded in the code of the operating system under which he worked, and the droids. Because of this Trojan robots EN masse refused to do their job, and the people came out to protest.

Police robots are very hard crushed this protest, and started to attack people during the unrest remained at home. In such a situation, people had no choice but to go underground and become guerrillas.

Included in the game, you will play a not very conventional robot, which is fighting not against the people, for the people. Your droid has full freedom of action: you may like to actively fight with robots, and just watch everything going on.

Install Freedroid RPG

The game is present in the standard Ubuntu repositories, so to install it you can look in the app Center according to the word of freedroidrpg. The second way to install the game to enter in the terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install freedroidrpg  

Users of "alternative" operating systems can download the game on the official website:


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