The team responsible for the desktop Ubuntu, and discussed their plans for Gnome 17.10

Many of us talk about what to expect from Ubuntu 17.10, which will be released later this year.

The announcement by Mark Shuttleworth (Mark Shuttleworth) on the transition from Unity to Gnome was short and shocking. All of us it made me think about the future desktop of Ubuntu in General.

From the moment the noise subsided. Work on Ubuntu 17.10 vengeance boils, and some of the questions of the “what if” is already answered.

But the rejection of six years of work with Unity with the transition to Gnome in the six-month period is not something self-evident and something simple from the point of view of implementation.

What will be included in this transition? How ubuntu will look like?
We wondered and we stole some time with Ken Vandine (Ken VanDine) from Canonical in order to get inside information that could answer many “what if” or “maybe.”

For 8 years Ken Wandin worked at Canonical a software engineer. The last three years he spent in working on different parts of the technology Unity 8,but now he’s part of the team responsible for the desktop Ubuntu. She needs to make a successful transition to Gnome.

Questions and answers on switching Ubuntu to Gnome

Included in the expansion pack, the changes and new themes

Mark Shuttleworth said the future “will Gnome the way the Gnome developers want to see it”, but presented the Gnome is very different from Unity.

So my first question to Ken was that we’re all wondering: does Ubuntu plans to bring external changes in Gnome on Ubuntu 17.10? Because you can install some popular extensions or modify the settings of Gnome by default.

Nothing so dramatic is planned. Ken says that “the team may decide to tweak a little something on the little things to make the transition was not as painful for users. With the help of OMG! Ubuntu! we will conduct a survey that will give us feedback on this issue.”

But these improvements will not be included “in the moment” of any substitutions of the features of Unity. Fans HUD and Global Menu, unfortunately, will be forced to look for alternatives yourself.

Will there be Ubuntu with Gnome look different?

“Ubuntu 17.10 new themes or icons would not be, but may be in 18.10. We are currently working on supporting CSD (registration on the client side) in our theme [Ambience] and patches [that disable CSD in some applications] must be ready to 17.10”.

Default apps and packages

Although Unity and Gnome components used, it is not perceived as a traditional Gnome. Of course, some properties of the Gnome apps were hacked by the patches, which led to the mixture of the components of Gnome, then coming in some versions of Ubuntu.

I asked Ken, does Ubuntu continue to use a patched version of Gnome applications in order to include certain properties (like type ahead in Nautilus) or choose a standard version with no additional functionality.

“At the moment we are preparing the patches that add the dependent objects that may be thrown back to the original version,” he says, “such as Ubuntu Online Accounts, lib, unity, etc. With the process, we’re going to remove more and more patches and work directly in order to avoid further need of them”.

Whether on the desktop, Ubuntu extra Gnome applications that affect the overall picture?

Gnome apps like Weather, Maps and Polari, which is enabled by default in some distributions on the base of Gnome. Unfortunately, according to Ken, the question of the default application still needs to Fess up, but he adds that the meeting on this matter will take place very soon!

What version of Gnome is going to use Ubuntu 17.10?

“It’s not decided yet, but I hope that with each release we will provide the latest stable version. So I’d like to 17.10 was 3.26, but we haven’t decided that yet”.

As reported in April, Ubuntu switches to Wayland. Ken confirmed these data in our conversation, saying: “the current plan includes the insertion of a Gnome Wayland in the basic version 17.10, with the hope to work through all possible issues to version 18.04. But the more accurate the decision will be made closer to the release 17.10”.

What will

How difficult is the transition from Unity to Gnome?

“Thanks to the team of Ubuntu Gnome packages are already in decent condition and a lot of work lies in the areas of development security and critical view MIR (not graphical server guys) to facilitate early stabilization packages. Once that is resolved, we change the distribution to be Unity, and Gnome. So Gnome will be in the next update Artful and daily images”.

“The logistics we’re still working on our support plan how we will cope with the security update mozjs and gjs, especially when it comes to LTS release”.

Still have some issues of compatibility or performance, which would need to answer in this series?

“We have mixed reviews – some say that the Gnome shell faster, someone slower. Is the one who conducts the performance analysis. We also have employees responsible for supporting HiDPI”.

What you plan to do with users, which will make the updates with the release of Unity?

“In the input box of the login they will see the option of selecting Gnome session. After upgrade Unity session is still to be established”.

In the end, we learned from Ken how readers, users and enthusiasts can contribute to the smooth transition to Gnome?

“A great way to help is testing and reporting bugs. I would be happy to see another project [100] “paper cuts”. I think it’s great then went. Now we just coordinated the work with the future. We’d better to the developers claimed their patches along the way than to release patches for the distro”.

Don’t forget that Ubuntu Desktop Team requires your support. You can share your thoughts with them after a short survey on the feelings on Gnome in Ubuntu 17.10.


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