GimpArt (GIMP Lessons for beginners)

GimpArt (GimpArt.Org) — Russian site providing materials for the study of functional capacity and developing skills in working with free graphic editor GIMP. The author of the project Anton Lapshin, on the website is presented as original articles and translations of old foreign resources.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful and feature-rich graphic editor supports a variety of graphic image formats can work with layers, masks, filters and blending modes. In the Arsenal of the editor there is a huge range of tools for color correction and processing of any images/photos, making it a good choice for drawing and image editing.

GimpArt provides materials for beginners and experienced users a graphical editor, a set of high-quality video lessons in Russian language (aimed at beginners). There is a section with information about a variety of extensions and add-ons for GIMP, there is a section dedicated to brushes, gradients and textures.

Author: posixru


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