Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Game Quake Wars tells the story of how the Earth was attacked by aliens who call themselves the Strogg. In the face of global threats, governments around the world create GDF – international army (stands for Global Defense Force).
In the game for 12 cards and each of them represents a different story. For example, the aliens are taking over the secret laboratory of the army. The actions of the “earthlings” in this case are: the creation of the antenna, the suppressing signals (so that the enemy did not send an sos signal), the creation of laser systems, burning her through the thick door of the bunker, the destruction of the artifact and the results of studies that fell into the hands of the aliens.

And what to speak about the level of “Slipgate” for GDF? Yes this is a real masterpiece, created by designers! You find yourself in a portal that will lead you to the headquarters of the Strogg: “one fell swoop” the army of human beings moving from the African heat in the cold and snow-covered Antarctica. Show your ingenuity and agility in order to quickly end the war!

The classes in the game “Quake Wars” for sure, will be familiar to anyone igroman. Soldiers firing their rifles at the enemy, health workers raise corpses, engineers collect “cog” mangled equipment, artillery, in addition to their main work in the army supply of ammo. There is even a saboteur-a sniper who can turn into killed the enemy.

As for the graphics component of the game, it apparently was done for “everyone”. If you look closely to the game, it immediately becomes apparent flaws graphics: in some places “pumped up” texture, in others “stick out” untidy corners. And, nevertheless, in motion the game looks fine. The sound is rich and brutal, something like the trash-vaudeville. However, in fairness it should be noted that when the bullets are flying, somehow there’s no time to notice the flaws, even if it is obvious.

Thus, the game deserves your attention in those cases when you suddenly have free time.

Install Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Ubuntu

Installation of the Demo version:

In the demo version of the game, only one level, but this in principle is enough to rate the game, graphics and gameplay. First we need to download the game client at http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/etqw/ETQWFrontPage/

then in the terminal execute the following commands:

mkdir /path where to put the game/etqwdemo chmod +x ETQW-demo-client-1.1-full.r5.x86.run ./ETQW-demo-client-1.1-full.r5.x86.run

During installation, specify the folder created by the first team.

The installation of the full version of the game.

To start, you need the original DVD game, then you need to download the client for Linux page: http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/etqw/ETQWFrontPage/. Once the download is performed in the terminal the following command to install the full version of the game:

mkdir /path where to put the games/etqw chmod +x ETQW-client-1.2-full.r2.x86.run ./ETQW-client-1.2-full.r2.x86.run

As in the case of the demo during the installation process, specify the folder created by the first team. Start the game :

cd /path where to put the games/etqw ./etqw.86

The installation files can be downloaded here: ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/etqw/


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