The tags system on Steam

In the development of your project – Steam, Valve has introduced support for user-defined labels (tags). For any game, you can add more fully define its label. For example, you can specify which genre is the game – for example, “puzzle”, time (short or long), themes (e.g., “military”). Tags which are used most frequently, will receive the status of “favorites” and will be displayed to the user in the first place.

Thanks to this innovation, each user will be able to find the necessary game even easier and faster. For this you just need to go in a specially designed section of the Steam website. The search can include only those apps that said you personally or your friends.

Also, the system of marks is in fact, the “means of influence” users to be bought games in Steam. To the game that is on Steam, you can add your mark, or use existing ones that were added by other players.

All labels are arranged depending on the language in Steam you have chosen a major. For example, if in your settings as the primary selected Russian language, then the search will first appear in the label, which left Russian-speaking users.

Greatly simplifies the search of one or another game-established filtration system. An example of such filters can be support cooperative play, joystick support or trading cards.

Naturally, the major labels will game genres – such marks are specified by the developers themselves. However, over time they may lose their primary importance and to become the most popular custom labels.

Labels can be any words – for example, swearing will be screened by the moderators. At the moment the tags system works in beta mode.


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