How to install VPN in Ubuntu

Periodically, some active users of the Internet are faced with the necessity of secure encrypted anonymous connections, often with a mandatory replacement of the IP address to a node of a particular country. Assists in the implementation of this task, the technology called VPN. From the user is required only to install on a PC all the components you need and to hold the connection. After that will be available to access to the network with an already modified network address.

Install VPN on Ubuntu

The developers own servers and software for VPN connections provide services for owners of computers running the Ubuntu distribution based on Linux kernel. Installation does not take much time, and also has a large number of free or cheap solutions for the implementation of the task. Today we would like to mention three working methods of the private secure connection in the above-mentioned operating system.

Method 1: Astrill

Astrill is one of the free programs with a graphical interface that is installed on your PC and automatically replaces the network address at random or specifically defined by the user. The developers promise a selection of over 113 servers, security and anonymity. The procedure download and installation is quite simple:

Go to the official site Astrill

  • Go to the official website Astrill and select the version for Linux.
  • Select the appropriate Assembly. For owners of one of the latest versions of Ubuntu is perfect DEB package 64-bit. After selecting, click on “Download Astrll VPN”.
  • Save the file to a convenient location or just open using the default application for the installation of DEB packages.
  • Click “Install”.
  • Confirm password the authenticity of the account and wait for it to complete the procedure. Alternative options for adding DEB packages in Ubuntu meet in our other article in the link below.
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  • Now the program added to your computer. You only have to run it by clicking on the corresponding icon in the menu bar.
  • During boot you had to create a new account, in the opened window Astrill enter your information to log.
  • Specify the optimal server for the connection. If necessary, select a specific country use the search bar.
  • This software can work with different tools, allowing VPN connections in Ubuntu. If you do not know which option to select, leave the default value.
  • Start the server by moving the slider to “ON”, and go to work in the browser.
  • Notice that now the taskbar has a new icon. Clicking on it opens the control menu Astrill. Here is available not only to change servers, and configuring additional settings.
  • The method will be most appropriate for beginners who have not yet dealt with the intricacies of setting up and working in “Terminal” of the operating system. In this article, the decision Astrill was considered only as an example. On the Internet you can find many similar programs that provide more stable and fast servers, but are often paid.

    In addition, it should be noted periodic load popular servers. We recommend you to carry out the reconnection to other sources on the location as close as possible to your country. Then the ping will be less, and the speed of sending and receiving files can increase significantly.

    Method 2: System tool

    Ubuntu has a built-in possibility of organization VPN connection. However, this will still have to find one of the production servers that are publicly available, or buy a place through any convenient web service that provides similar services. The whole connection procedure looks like this:

  • Click on the taskbar on the button “Connection” and select “Settings”.
  • Navigate to the section “Network”from the menu on the left.
  • Find the VPN section and click on the button with the plus sign to navigate to the create a new connection.
  • If the service provider gave you a file that you can import the configuration through it. Otherwise all the data will have to drive manually.
  • In the section “Identification” contains all the required fields. In the field “General”“Gateway” enter the IP address provided and in the”more” — received a user name and password.
  • In addition, there are more and more options, but to change it only on the recommendation of the owner of the server.
  • In the picture below you can see examples of free servers that are freely available. Of course, they often become unstable are loaded or slow, but it’s the best option for those who do not want to pay money for VPN.
  • After making a connection, it remains only to activate it by moving the corresponding slider.
  • For authentication, enter the password from the server in the window that appears.
  • To manage a protected connection and via the control panel by clicking on the corresponding icon with the left mouse button.
  • Method using the standard tool is good because it does not require user installation of optional components, but still to find a free server. In addition, no one forbids you to make multiple connections and switch between them just at the right moment. If you are interested in this method, I advise still to look at paid solutions. Often they are quite beneficial because for a small amount you will not only get a stable server, but also technical support in case of problems.

    Method 3: your Own server via OpenVPN

    Some of the service providers an encrypted connection, using OpenVPN technology and their customers are installing the appropriate software on your computer for successful establishment of secure tunnel. Nothing prevents you to create a server on one PC and configure the client part on others to obtain the same result. Of course, the setup procedure is quite complex and runs a long time, but in some cases it will be the best solution. Suggest you read the installation guide server and client side in Ubuntu by clicking on the following link.

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    Now you are familiar with three options use VPN on PC running Ubuntu. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages and will be optimal in some situations. We suggest to get acquainted with all of them, to determine the purpose of using such a tool and has to go to execute instructions.


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