The second part of Hotline Miami will be released in the third quarter

In the third quarter of this year released the second part of a two-dimensional action HotlineMiami – HotlineMiami 2: WrongNumber. Will continue to support PlayStation and Windows operating systems, MacOS and Linux. According to the developers, the second part is the final, it will end all existing storyline.

Recall that the first part of the game came on 23 October 2012. Features of both parts is the surreal story, beautiful soundtrack, and a top view. A kind of “inspiration” for the creators of the game was the culture of the 80-ies of the last century, in particular, the film “Drive”.

In the new version of the game will have new playable characters included in the different groupings. The player will appear not only new opportunities in HotlineMiami 2 there will be new challenges. So bored in this game you just do not have!

So far we know about two opposing groups. The first group includes enthusiasts who want to make a movie based on the bloody carnival from the first part. Their opponents – the “Fans”, the successor of his idol Richard (is the protagonist of HotlineMiami). “Fans” dressed in animal face masks and at night killing people. Just as did the maniac Richard. It should be noted that the developers decided not to include in the final version of the scene with rape. In General, for HotlineMiamiхарактерен very high level of violence, so don’t recommend you to play it for children and people with weak mentality.

The game is divided into chapters which in turn are divided into stages. The player’s goal is to locate and physically eliminate all opponents. In some cases, at the end of the stage the player must find certain items or to eliminate the boss. For the realization of all goals and objectives in HotlineMiami 2 there are a wide variety of weapons as firearms, cold and throwing.

In HotlineMiami 2: WrongNumber will appear in the level editor: each player will be able to upload and download new maps and tests. Look at the newly made editor because of one episode of IGNLive. A trailer for the level editor created a company DennatonGames. This video is on the YouTube channel of the developer DevolverDigital.


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