Retro Blazer

Retro Blazer — a first-person shooter (FPS). As is clear from the word Retro in the title created in the style of classic shooters of the old school like Doom 2, Quake, or Wolfensteine.

Retro Blazer Alpha

The game is a good old shooter — shoot everything that moves! Graphics stylized like the old games, but clearly there is a dynamic and fast game engine, due to which the game is quite fun. In the game as usual a few weapons, and the first permanent gun with infinite ammo. In different secret rooms, you will find other weapons and ammunition which will come to an end.

Retro Blazer Bots

Bots in the game medium “of the mind” see you immediately run to exterminate you, although sometimes they hide behind cover, but this is the exception rather the rule. In any case, the first level is passed easily. Fans of the classic chukovskoi layout recommend to install it in the game settings!

The game also has a multiplayer game mode that allows you to play online with friends and / or colleagues in the office.

Retro Blazer Alpha

At the time of this writing available as a free alpha version of the game, which overall makes a good impression. The game is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. To install you need to download from the website archives. Unpack it and run from folder RetroBlazer executable file appropriate for your OS and architecture. For example for Linux it will be a darkplaces-linux-686-glx or darkplaces-linux-x86_64-glx if you have a 64-bit OS. glx and sdl in the file name correspond to those used in rendering the graphics of the game libraries.


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