Tanki Online

Free online multiplayer tank shooter Tanki Online lets you fight in tank battles right out of the window of your browser.

Tnaki Online — this is another tank game in the third person. You control a tank on the battlefield and you must fight with other players in 4 modes of play:

  • Deathmatch — every man for himself
  • Team Deathmatch — team
  • Capture The Flag — capture the enemy’s flag and bring it to the base
  • Capture The Point — capture and hold points on the map
  • Tank controls are very simple — the arrows of the cursor you control the tank movement and the keys z and x turning the turret. The spacebar is responsible for the shooting. The tank can be equipped with various weapons as ballistic and energy or flamethrower.

    As you play you will be awarded points and rank. The higher the rank the more powerful and perfect equipment for the modernization of the tank will be available to you in the garage. All equipment and weapons can be purchased with in-game currency — crystals. Crystals can be won in battle, buy or receive a gift for bringing in new players.

    As mentioned above — to play you need only a browser with installed Flash-plugin. The optimal choice will play in Google Chrome, as this browser is the latest version of the Adobe Flash plugin.

    System requirements the game is not very high:

    • Processor with a clock frequency of 1GHz
    • RAM 1 GB
    • Graphic memory 128 MB or more

    Play Tanki Online, you can go to the website: http://tankionline.com/ru/


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