Streets of Rage: Remake when the remake better than the original

Bring you the remake of the famous game released by Sega in the days of 16-bit applications. The creation of a new gaming product was not observed unless the blind or lazy. The word “Sega” probably associate the poll with the most warm memories about the days of childhood or adolescence. In those days not only did not have Internet, but even the computer – and that was not everyone. Most gamers could enjoy the games is that with consoles.

The history of the creation and distribution of games Streets of Rage were not easy. Because of the many troubles the project had to be renamed Fighting Force. Of course, today, the company “Sega” is not what it used to be, and many fans have already “disown” her. It and is clear – what for the future can be from the manufacturer, if “fans” make the sequel better than the original? To prove this statement will not take long to take the game Streets of Rage: Remake, which was developed on the continuation of a long 10 years. Now the game can be freely downloaded online.

The main improvements

So what was better in the corrected, modified and reworked version of the game? Much better animation, artificial intelligence has become much smarter – and now to defeat the “bad guys”, you have to put a lot more effort than before. On a new game design worked for more than 10 qualified professionals. Thanks to their efforts in Streets of Rage: Remake available 19 characters, each with its own attacks and techniques. These characters can be found in all parts of the Streets of Rage. Now the fans have combined them all into one game.

The game’s plot tells the adventures of three former police officers who don’t hide behind the law, and their own struggle with various criminal elements, crowding the streets of the city.

The game has several modes: The Mode, Events Mode, Boss Rush Mode, Survival Mode, Battle Mode. You can play against the computer or against a real opponent. The most significant drawback is perhaps the lack of an online mode. The fact that you can create this mode without bugs that is not possible.


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