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Each key on the keyboard fixed sign — letter, digit, or special character. The compliance of these characters to the keys is called a layout. It should be noted that saying the word “assessment” usually involve language, but it is not identical concepts. In some languages there is only one layout option, others several. The computer can be set to two or three layouts for the same language.

Linux users have the option, at its discretion, to add to the system languages and layout, and configure options and switch between them. Today we will discuss how to switch layout in linux mint and how to add new language to the system.

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How to add a keyboard layout in Linux Mint

By default in Linux Mint Cinnamon installed only one language — English. During the installation of the OS on your computer, you can choose a second layout, for example, Russian. That is, during the first boot you will have available for use two languages. Sometimes that’s not enough, but if there is a need to install additional keyboard layouts, then it can be done at any time. Therefore, it is important not only to understand how to change the language in linux mint on one of the already installed, but how to add a new language.

To control the keyboard (and languages in particular) provided utility keyboard-configuration. It can run in two ways:

  • Via Menu Options Keyboard.
  • Clicking on the language icon on the taskbar and selecting the menu item keyboard Settings.

Whichever of these ways you choose, the language settings you need to go to the tab Layout.

A list of all installed keyboard layouts is on the left side of the window. To add new, click on the sign + at the bottom. A new window will open listing all the available languages.

Locate the desired language, highlight it with the mouse and click Add. To not have to scroll through the whole list, you can enter the language name in the search bar.

And that immediately shows the selected layout, click Preview.

After adding a new layout will appear with the list of installed and available to use. If you wish, you can shuffle the list, adjust the languages you in a convenient manner. This can be done using the buttons with arrows located at the bottom of the window. There is also a button with a minus sign () — clicking this removes the selected layout from the list available.

In the right part of the window Layout there are several additional options. The first of them — to Include less common layout in the list to select. If you need some very exotic and rarely used layout, check this option check box.

If you are working with two or three languages, alternately switching between Windows, for example, write the text in the editor in Russian, and write in the messenger in English and looking for something in the browser is in Chinese, you’ll appreciate the second option — Allow separate layout for each window. By default, all Windows use the same layout. We will figure out how to switch the keyboard layout in Linux Mint.

Switching of keyboard layout in Linux Mint

By default in Linux Mint Cinnamon is not assigned hotkeys to switch layouts. To move from one language to another by clicking on the language icon (flag or letter designation) on the taskbar. However, in order not to make unnecessary actions, it is still worthwhile to set a combination of keys. For example, many people are used to switch keyboard layouts in linux mint by using Alt + Shift or Ctrl+Shift.

On the familiar tab Layout at the bottom of the window there is a button Settings. Clicking on it opens a window with additional settings. Select the item Switch to different layout and click on it will appear the list of available keyboard shortcuts.

Check the appropriate option and click Close. Keys change the layout of linux mint will earn immediately after this action, there is no need to restart your computer.

However, it may happen that when you try to open Settings, the keyboard layout every time you will encounter a bug of the system, when the settings window simply closes. The solutions to the two problems — either an OS reinstall or find in the software Manager utility keyboard-configuration and remove it and then re-install.

During the installation process the screen will display the settings window, where you can choose the key combination for switching layouts.

Every time you want to change the key combination, removal and installation tools will have to be repeated.


Setting keyboard languages and layouts in Linux Mint Cinnamon is quite flexible, does not take much time and does not require special knowledge. Now you know how to configure switching of layouts Linux Mint. If you have any questions on the topic, ask them in the comments.

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