Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters

We present you the second part of “Star control”. The game is a cosmic quest with built-in arcade fighting and RPG elements.

In 2002, there was a port of “Star control” on modern platforms, including Linux. The name “Star Control 2” was changed to “The Ur-Quan Masters”, which translates as “Ur-kanskje lords”.

Star Control 2 is the time for great battles. In the war of “Hierarchy” and “Alliance of free stars” defeat the invaders. An important role in the turning point of the war technology play Precursors (this is the oldest race), which are in the hands of the ur-kuanov.

The Terrans and their allies were defeated: some people were “fighting slaves” and began to conquer the other, more free worlds. Earthlings on the planet-wide referendum chose an alternative in the form of insulation – covered planet red energy shield.

The main character in this game is an astronaut, a descendant of a member of the project “Star control”. Once the Terrans found in the star system was the planet factory Precursors for the production of ships. Shuttle for researchers has not arrived – the Land that time were already locked. At the General Council it was decided to colonize the planet. After a while people build a ship with minimal equipment and went back to his native Land.

The basics of the gameplay of Star Control 2

In this part of the game at your disposal will be the Vindicator is the main flagship and 12 escorts. Throughout the game you will come into contact with different races as friendly to you, and not so good. Military action in the second part also will be held, but on the forefront of diplomacy. The loss of a flagship is defeated in battle. You need to gather resources to buy technological devices, regularly upgrade flagship.

A new race in Star Control 2

In Star Control 2 have a new race. The worst of them are the Ur-Coiny Cor-Ah – genetically modified dnyarri of ur-kuany (also called black). If Ur-Coiny-Kseur For just want to enslave all races, black destroy anyone who gets in their way. Wish you success in the difficult struggle for the future of all mankind!

Installing Star Control 2 in Ubuntu

There is an open source port of Star Control 2 called the Ur-Quan Masters and it is in the ubuntu repositories. Install the game is searching in the software Center at keyword uqm or by typing in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install uqm uqm-russian

Users of alternative operating systems can download the setup file on official website of the game


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