XMoto: adventure rider

XMoto is a platform game that expands open source. Game developer – Rasmus Teislev Neckelmann. In March 2007, when the project first came out, it was just a clone of a paid game Elasto Mania. Today it is a completely independent popular game played by both adults and children. XMoto supports chipmunk physics engine, the Lua programming language, has more than 2750 levels.

XMoto feature is the ability to download new levels literally “on the fly”, without having to exit the game. You only need to have a reliable channel to the Internet. In addition, through a Global Network to compare their own achievements with the achievements of other players. You can view the best passage of challenging levels in writing: this will be especially helpful to beginners.


As we mentioned above, the XMoto is a large number of levels. To pass most of them you will have to find and collect all zemlyanichka, then you will need to complete this quest: to find a Daisy in white color and touch her. Some of the actions of the rider imposed a strict “taboo”: it is impossible to hurt my head any block, it is also forbidden to touch the iron balls with spikes (the pests). In “taboo” and included a special region (e.g., lava).

Levels in XMoto

Game XMoto is constantly updated. Of particular interest are the programmable levels. Thus, the level of Field Asteroids will meet you the whole corridor prickly balls. To get out of this “trap” by means of a jet engine. Click on the key with the letter “A” will turn on the jet engine, and your bike will jump up. Level AgAlAgA looks futuristic: you will have to Dodge projectiles, which send you space invaders. However, you will not be a passive target, you can hit enemies with your projectiles.

In other levels, your hero will have other opportunities: “intoxication”, “earthquake”. The level Skate Park has the ability to turn the bike pirouettes in the air and for it to receive points.


Another feature of the game is Chipmunk-physics. For example, if a motorcycle crashes into an object, it will lead to it sliding. If something in the game can fall, it must fall. However, in the physics of the game have some bugs: if you are on a moving unit, not to fall, you have to step on the gas. In real life, all you have to do the opposite.

Install XMoto

To install XMoto from the Ubuntu repositories, just search in the app center on key word xmoto, or by running in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install xmoto  

However, in the official repository may not be the latest build of the game, so you can download a ready installation package for any Linux distribution or Windows operating system on the game's official website: http://xmoto.tuxfamily.org/ . For example, for Ubuntu there are ready-made deb package that installs in a standard way.


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