Wolfenstein Enemy Territory — online shooter

A good alternative to Team Fortress from Activision — open Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. Network battles in the style of the second world war, large maps, dynamic graphics on time-tested engine of Quake 3: Team Arena.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Sniper

Wolfenstein is a legend of computer games, starting with the fact that this path is not the first game-style 3D shooter! Then it was a great reincarnation of the Quake engine with a great for those times graphics and gameplay. Well, then, in connection with the release of the Quake engine under an open license is one of the first games based on it are also released for free and under an open license.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Map

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is an online game, something reminiscent of Team Fortress. Looks as good in my opinion, as contra version 1.6 (for some reason in a different version in our team play has not caught on, old school!) The action is stylized in world war II, respectively in the team, that the Americans and the German Nazis.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

The game has character classes: soldier, medic, engineer, supplier, and a secret agent, each has its own characteristics and purpose. The game has several game modes, including the mode of the setting mode, to the last man. In all modes except last man, the players recover after the death of a number of seconds.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

As the official maps in the game drawn several real locations of fighting during the second world war. The soldiers during battle can earn experience and rank.

System requirements: 600 MHz CPU, 128 MB RAM, Graphics card 32 MB OpenGL, the network is not less than 56.6 k Modem/LAN. The game is available for Linux, Windows, MacOS.

To install in Ubuntu is enough in the app Center to install the package enemy-territory or perform the command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install enemy-territory

Download the latest version on the official website: http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/files/files.shtml


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