Star Control 1: “Hierarchy” versus “Alliance”

Perhaps the most interesting computer role-playing games are the games on the space theme. Such is the trilogy of “Star Control” (Star control) from companies Toys for Bob (the first two parts), and Legend Entertainment. The publisher of all three parts is firm Accolade.


The first part of the trilogy has two modes: one is strategic and the second arcade. Before each game you will have to choose who to play: for “Hierarchy Ur-Koinov” or “the Alliance of free stars”. Each space consists of a heterogeneous fleet of ships belonging to a particular race. Space ships of different races have their own specific characteristics.

In strategic mode, you will need to go through a few missions. The main task during the passage: destroy enemy ships and colonies. Each star system can be used with a dual purpose: as a mine for mining or as a colony.


The battle is one-on-one: the battlefield is the winner, and the loser has to choose another ship to continue the battle. When one of the opponents will not be of ships, the battle is finished.

In Star Control 1, there are four modes of combat: “human”, “cyborg”, “Petron”, “computer”. In the first mode the player determines the strategy of conducting fight and he manages the ships during the battle. In the “Cyborg,” defining the strategy remains a player, and the battle is computer. In the “Pitron” “strategic” role of the computer, and “tactical” player. In the “Computer” person plays the role of a passive observer.

Races in Star Control 1

In the first part of “Star control” there are numerous races, each of which belongs either to the “Alliance of free stars” or “Hierarchy Ur-Koinov”. For example, in “the Alliance of free stars” except for the people include chenjesu, Roger, sirens, shofixti, etc. members of the “Hierarchy” are: LVL-Quany, Miconi, Spathi, Andronici, and some others.

Installing the game Star Control 1 in Ubuntu

The game was produced back in the days of DOS, so your existing copy of the game you can easily run in the DosBox emulator (How to use DosBox in Ubuntu)


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