Regnum Online – the magical world of fantasy in Ubuntu

The game Regnum Online NGD Studios developer is intended primarily for those who love magical fantasy world. The game’s plot is quite traditional for the genre: a war between three kingdoms, and the task of players is to capture castles and fortresses and in the hunt for monsters.


Before playing you must determine the nationality of the hero. In the game there is a land of the dwarves – Nordos, Ignis is a desert land in which they live milt, humans and dark elves, and Sites – the birthplace of allurance, half-elves and elves. After selecting the homeland of the character to create his own. When you create your character you can choose his gender, race, skin color and even hair. All races 9, a list of available races for each Kingdom is slightly different.

Selecting a hero, you need to perform certain tasks to get the corresponding game level. After the first two locations, you get to third – it’s called the War Zone (that is, “war zone”). Here different players can join groups or clans to conquer the fortifications of their enemies.

Player classes

Regnum Online is available in three main classes: mages, archers and warriors. However, certain races, certain classes unavailable. For example, gnomes can only be archers and warriors, and people can be warriors, archers and mages. Each class consists of 2 subclasses: attacking and defending. Every character has five characteristics: strength, intelligence, agility, concentration and complexion.

Each Warrior can be a knight or a Barbarian. Knight refers to the protective subclass, and the Barbarian to attack. If the Knight “an excellent chin”, he is not afraid of almost no damage, then the Barbarian specializiruetsya solely on attack.

The task of the Archer is to inflict maximum damage to the enemy from distance, while using long and short bows. The main property of an Archer, his speed allowing him to evade attacks. Archer may or Marksman (offensive subclass) or a Hunter (protective subclass).

The same as Archers, Mages spetsializiruyutsya on the remote battle. The magician can be used both independently and as a supportive force for Warriors and Archers. Attacking a subclass of mages are Enchanters, and protective Magicians.

To install Regnum Online on Ubuntu

First we need to download the setup file on the official website of the game: Choose the installer under the processor architecture (32/64 bit). After you have downloaded the installer (about 1.2 GB), you need to make the file executable (instructions on how to make the file executable). Then launch the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions.


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