OpenRA: transition game series Command and Conquer on the open source code

Over the past few years, developers began to apply to Linux as a serious gaming platform. At the same time, there are plenty of games with open code, in which you can play on Linux in anticipation of the port of the latest creations of the AAA level. Let’s talk about one of these, namely about OpenRA.

Remember Command and Conquer?

Before you talk about OpenRa, let’s discuss the series Command and Conquer. If you haven’t heard of Command and Conquer, it may just means you haven’t played computer games. Created by Westwood Studios in 1995, Command and Conquer was one of the first games in the genre of real-time strategy (RTS). In many respects, it has become a benchmark for most future projects in this genre.

In the game you had to build a base and gather resources in order to then build an army and fight the enemy. Thus it was necessary to strike a balance between the acquisition speed of the army, formation of infrastructure and the number allotted to it all the resources. In the process, still had to repel the attacks of the enemy.

While the last game franchise Command and Conquer was released in 2010, first game live in OpenRa.

Familiarity with OpenRA

The project OpenRA began in 2007. The goal was to create a game engine open source that would be able to recreate and correct display of the game series Command and Conquer.

You may not know, but EA at the beginning of 2000 that made the early games in the series Command and Conquer free. And then the question arises: what is so important for their re-establishment? Well, there are two good reasons.

First, there is no guarantee that games will work fine on modern systems (OpenRA runs on Linux, MAC OS, Windows and FreeBSD). In most cases, requires a lot of movements in order to configure the operation of the original files of the game on a modern machine and operating system. It also means that the game will support wide format (in the latest update – at the end of April – there is support for rendering font HiDPI).

Secondly, creating a new game engine will allow developers to incorporate the possibility that during the creation of the game it was even hard to imagine. OpenRA adds more of these features:

  • The choice between “privatephone” and klasicheskoe “lewanavanua”.
  • Review the interface of the side panels
  • Support for replays and spectator interface, designed for streaming games
  • “Fog of war”, not allowing your units to see farther than the put
  • Civil structures that can be captured to achieve strategic advantages
  • Experience for units, which they receive in the course of the battle. Also, each new rank gives you the opportunity to improve
  • Multiplayer mode

Small note: after you install OpenRA, you still have to install a separate game files. Some music files are available, but other files of the same type and briefings in OpenRA available. You can insert the original game disk and transfer the required disk. A full English manual can be found here.

What games are in OpenRA

So what are the game Command and Conquer is in OpenRA? At the moment you can use the OpenRA to play Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn, Command and Conquer: Red Alert, and Dune 2000.

Gameplays these games are slightly different from each other. Tiberian Dawn focuses more on speed and agility than similar to a modern RTS. Red Alert is primarily focused on strategy and can offer large space, sea and even air units. Dune 2000 also decided to stand out and offered a dangerous and unpredictable Xai-Hulud.

The future of the project

Command OpenRA doesn’t waste any time. She is currently working on adding support for the second generation of the game series Command and Conquer, starting with Tiberian Sun. As work is just underway, Tiberian Sun is not available out of the box, but access to it is on GitHub repository developers.

The team also is working on improved support collected games (or as they call them, with modifications). At the moment is “quality branch code OpenRA engine from our parts, are designed specifically for C&C, to be used as a versatile RTS engine.” There is a list of custom mods created for OpenRA. Improvement, under development, will definitely introduce variability into the gameplay.

What can be said in the end about OpenRA

Since I didn’t grow up on games of the series Command and Conquer, I am very pleased that the opportunity to play the first one absolutely free. I tried to run old games on new hardware, so I know the pain and suffering that the process generated. I also plan to play games in this series. To tell you the truth, I still never passed any of them. They are very complicated.

**Don’t forget that, if you want to help the project, then you can look at its page on GitHub.**

And have you played OpenRA? You? What is your favorite game in the genre of RTS? Tell us in the comments!

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