OpenArena — “spiritual successor” Quake III Arena

One of the best games for Linux in the genre of “first person shooter” is OpenArena. The developer of this product is the company OpenArena Team.

When creating three-dimensional shooter used game engine ID Teach 3. First public presentation of this game took place on 19 August 2005, the very next day I was released the source engine, which is based shooter. In 2009, the “Open arena” appeared in the official repositories for the N900.

Some people think OpenArena is just a clone of Quake III Arena. It is not so: consider us gaming product rather be called “heir” to its predecessor. Here almost everything is new: from models of weapons, players and to the cards. However, in fairness it should be noted that in the OpenArena maps are carried over from Quake and significantly improved.

OpenArena Gameplay

As for the gameplay OpenArena, it is very similar to the gameplay in Quake III. In OpenArena, even the settings are the same players use the same weapons. You can play against live players or against bots. OpenArena applicable in some mods of Quake III.

The game certainly attracts a wide variety of models of players and weapons. The number of “variants” of your character — 17, also the game has 12 unique weapons.

Game modes

In the Open Arena there are several different game modes including Domination, Capture The Flag, Free For All, Harvester, Overload.


“Open arena”contains some elements of eroticism and violence. That’s why our website doesn’t recommend this game to children under 16 years of age. OpenArena is a battle in the first person, in which the player would be reluctant to see it torn internal organs, beating heart, bloody footprints, and many other things that can leave a negative mark on unformed child’s mind.

Installing OpenArena in Ubuntu

In order to enjoy the “computer fights”, you can redownload the game on the official website —, unzip it and run executable file. Or you can go the more simple route and install OpenArena through the distribution system Desura games. First install the Desura client, then in the search enter the keyword OpenaArena and install the game by clicking the appropriate button.


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